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One, Stupid High.

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On any average day, my glucose meter results are just mine. … mostly.  I worry about lows while I’m driving my daughter or traveling alone, but while a low might be witnessed by someone else, it’s my body that goes through the experience.  (Not to minimize the experience of watching diabetes from a distance; that’s a whole other post.)  The…


CWD: Pregnancy and Diabetes

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When Jeff Hitchcock approached me last year and asked if I would feel comfortable leading the Pregnancy and Diabetes session at Friends for Life, I was honored.  But also a little confused.  What on earth was I going to tell the session attendees?  I couldn’t spout off medical information.  I am not a licensed medical professional. “I’m just a person with diabetes who…


Need vs. Want

Dexcom, Diabetic Mommy, Infertility and Pregnancy, Robot Life By June 10, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

When I was planning my pregnancy, I wanted a Dexcom because I desperately wanted to bring down my A1C without crashing and burning into a pile of low blood sugars.  But when I was pregnant and dealing with the epic lows of my first trimester (hello, 29 mg/dl without symptoms), I needed my CGM. Sometimes the Dexcom is not on-target.  If I am hyper-calibrating and feeding it too…


Feeling Maternal

Infertility and Pregnancy By December 22, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

Between these slowly rotating into the laundry cycle as we get ready for the baby: and the fact that my baby bump has popped overnight:  I’m feeling pretty pregnant these days. That is all.  🙂 (Light posts this week, what with the holidays and the fact that I’m headed to my mom’s to make gingerbread cookies all day today.  Photos…


Update on BSparl

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It’s been a long, wonderful day at Joslin, and I have a lot to say, but for now, Chris and I are going to decorate our Christmas tree, drink sugar-free hot chocolate with marshmallows, and grin about our daughter, who is due on May 4th. A little baby girl. I love her so much already. I couldn’t feel happier right…


Pregnancy Progress

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Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day.  While my best friend’s baby shower is this weekend and I’ll be busy preparing for and helping with that event, I know there are lots of events taking place to celebrate the big, blue circle (including the Big Blue Test … more on that later). But today is just another day in diabetes management, and it happens to…


Lovenox, Heparin, and WTF

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Family, Infertility and Pregnancy By November 4, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

During my endocrinologist appointment last week, I brought up that itchy, scratchy Lovenox rash to my OB/GYN, Dr. T.  And she wasn’t comfortable with how my body reacted.   “That rash is from two weeks ago?  How does it feel now?” “Less itchy, that’s for sure.  But it got all hivey and wouldn’t relax, not for about a week.  It itched like…


H1N1: Fighting for the Vaccine

Diabetes Advocacy, Infertility and Pregnancy By November 2, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

Last week, I toddled my pregnant self up to the Joslin Clinic for my endocrinologist appointment and an ultrasound with my OB/Gyn.  And as excited as I was about the ultrasound and the opportunity for Chris and I to see our baby kicking around in there (more on that later), I was just as excited about the H1N1 vaccine. I know.  I…


BSparl: 19 Weeks

Infertility and Pregnancy By January 8, 2009 Tags: , , , , No Comments

We’re at the 19 week mark with our baby, and things are starting to change again.  My belly is hard and high, completely obvious now and forcing me to rock NBF’s maternity jeans.  (She rocks, because she can provide some very useful hand-me-downs these days.  And NBF is due any day now!!  Ahem – sorry, I’m so excited!)  Pregnancy symptoms,…