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“I’m not positive I can make it in for that appointment, since I’m traveling for work for the majority of those weeks.  Would it be possible for me to send my device data by email and have you review it for any issues?” Without pausing, my endo said, “Yes, we can do that.” We’ve seen a lot of one another…


HealtheVoices 2015: Stepping Outside the Diabetes Bubble.

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Getting all my disclosures out of the way first:  I am on the advisory board for this conference and also presented as a speaker.  My travel, lodging, and expenses for the conference were covered by Janssen, and I was compensated for my participation and my consultation.  My opinions on the process and the conference are mine, but admittedly influenced.  Bias…


ePatient2009: Voice of the Patient

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“I’m Kerri Morrone Sparling and I’m not the voice of THE patient.  I’m just the voice of A patient.  And I’m sorry I have to present from behind the podium, but the tech guys couldn’t link me up with a lav mic because of the other diabetes devices I’m wearing.  Ran out of room.” And that is how I had to open my ePatient…


Quick Blast Before Vegas

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Tomorrow afternoon, I’ll be heading out to Las Vegas for the BlogWorldExpo conference, hanging with my medblogger pals (and meeting Dr. Anonymous after all these years – yay!).  I’ve never been to Vegas, so this is a first for me.  Hopefully I won’t end up covered in sequins or some such nonsense. A few things to announce before I sign off and relax on the…