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The NEW Jerry the Bear.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Tech, Psychosocial Support By March 16, 2017 Tags: , , , , , 40 Comments

Since they’re local to me here in Rhode Island, I drove up to the Jerry the Bear office to meet with my friends Aaron Horowitz and Hannah Chung, creators of Jerry the Bear. “It’s awesome to see you guys! Where have you been the last few years?” After hugs and hellos, I realized my question was unfair. Because they haven’t…


Birdy the Kid and Jerry the Bear.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Products, Psychosocial Support By November 25, 2014 Tags: , , , , 6 Comments

“Jerry has diabetes, like you do, mom.  So I give him food and insulin and check his blood sugar and he likes to play archery.” A brief pause as Birdy rand her hands over Jerry’s soft bear ears. “Mom, what’s archery?” A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on Nov 11, 2014 at 8:41am PST [Disclosure:  Jerry was a gift…