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Low Hangover.

Blood Sugars, Dexcom, Diabetic Mommy, Real Life Diabetes By July 26, 2013 Tags: , , , 35 Comments

This morning, in the shower, I heard the Dexcom start to wail.  Actually, I heard Birdy mimicking the Dexcom low alarm from the bathroom floor, where she was hanging out and coloring with crayons while I took a shower (Chris was away and in a meeting all day, so I was solo-parenting). “Beeeep, beeeeeep,” she sang in a tuneless sort…


Crocheting Out of a Low.

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Videos, Real Life Diabetes By June 28, 2013 Tags: , , , , , 11 Comments

What, you don’t have piles of scarves at your disposal, crafted in efforts to avoid over-eating?  Yes, yarn is part of my diabetes arsenal … didn’t see that one coming, did you?  (I didn’t.  Also, I’m old.  Also, speak up so I can hear you, young whippersnapper, and when you’re done, get off my lawn!)   You might also like:…


Casual Low

Blood Sugars, Diabetes and Family, Diabetic Mommy By August 1, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

“Mama?  Ma.  Ma.  Ma.  Ma.  Dumbledore.  Ma.” Her voice comes over the monitor, stumbling me from sleep.   “BEEEEEEEEEP!!!”  The Dexcom wails at me from the bedside table.   “[insert the sound of my awful alarm clock noise, which is actually this song and makes my whole head spin with cat rage]”  “You people all want me awake right now, don’t you?”  I grumbled, reaching…


Crazy Train

Blood Sugars, Traveling By July 25, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

The past few days have been unreasonably hot in the northeast, making me wonder if that whole “fry an egg on the sidewalk” thing could have been a real breakfast option.  I visited the Animas HQ last Thursday and Friday, and when I left their offices late on Friday afternoon and headed to the train station at 30th Street in Philadelphia, the…


The One About Not Getting It Right On the First Try

Blood Sugars By June 22, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

So last night’s basal adjustments were a bit … eh.  Actually, they totally sucked it up. I went to bed at 140 mg/dl, knowing that a low might be lurking due to the basal tweaks, but the Dexcom was flatlined, so I felt reasonably comfortable.  At my 2:30 am check, I was 108 mg/dl, and again saw the flatline on that graph….


Train Wreck

Blood Sugars By February 23, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

Running late for the train, as usual, I leaned in to the mirror and applied my mascara with shaking hands.  Noticed I was sort of weaving as I stood there.  I tried to pick up my comb but my fingers were too clumsy and the comb clattered to the floor. “Chris?  Hey Chris?  Do you mind grabbing my meter?” I hear his footsteps coming…


On the Wrong Foot

Blood Sugars By January 4, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

I’m not pleased with the way the first work day of the new year started out. 5:00 am.  Abby is pawing furiously at the top of my head, milling around and licking my shoulder.  Siah is asleep on my ankles.  Chris is fast asleep just a few inches away from me. The pillow is damp.  The bedsheets are cold.  My shirt is stuck to me…