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Gluten-Free Chicken Noodle Soup.

Diet and Food, Real Life Diabetes By October 7, 2013 Tags: , , , , , , 12 Comments

Here’s an attempt at gluten-free chicken noodle and vegetable soup.  It tasted quite nice, actually, and no one died as a result of eating it.  We’re marking that as a win. Note to real cooks:  Don’t judge.  I use pre-made soup broth and frozen vegetables.  I’m so lazy I don’t even make my own insulin.  Sensing a theme? Note re:…


Flourless Chocolate Cake … with Nutella

Diet and Food By August 30, 2011 Tags: , No Comments

In keeping with the “all I can cook are things I shouldn’t eat” theme, I made a flourless chocolate cake with Nutella for my mother-in-law’s birthday party.  Chocolate-y goodness AND gluten-free! The recipe is from this fantastic site that has wonderful editorial and pictures, but I’ll be damned if the ingredients aren’t measured in grams, making my almost-comatose inner mathematician completely unresponsive. …