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Guest Post: How I Learned to Exercise with Diabetes

Exercise & Fitness, Guest Diabetes Blogger By December 21, 2017 Tags: , , 1 Comment

Today, Christel Oerum of the DiabetesStrong team is taking over SixUntilMe to share how she and exercise have become good friends, offering some insight on how she managed to stay toned and keep her blood sugars from crapping out.  Thanks for inspiring me to get off my ass today, Christel. 🙂   *   *   * My story and…


Not Since Gym Class in 7th Grade

Exercise & Fitness By February 28, 2007 Tags: , , No Comments

I haven’t picked up a jump rope since gym class, seventh grade.   Back in the day, we did that “Jump Rope for Heart” thing where you collect pledges from your aunts and neighbors, then spend an afternoon in the middle school gym leaping about randomly with a length of plastic rope.  It was always utter chaos and left most people with…