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Ninjas in the Mail

Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community By October 9, 2009 Tags: , No Comments

We had a package arrive in the mail on our second day in the new place.  A small, brown box without any descriptive markings. Obviously this was the arrival of our housewarming Ninja.  Courtesy of one Ninjabetic, who spreads his yarny minions around the country.  (He’s awesome, George.  We love him!)  And since his arrival, Ninja has been acclimating himself to his…


Needed More Diabetes Real Estate

Diabetes Products, Pumping Insulin, Real Life Diabetes, Robot Life By October 8, 2009 Tags: , No Comments

Wearing two diabetes devices has its mental hurdles, but sometimes the physical hurdles are the most irritating.  For the last two weeks, my husband and I have been packing up our old apartment and I’ve been closing out my office at dLife, so there’s been a lot of physical lifting and moving of stuff. Which means there’s been a lot of Dexcom and insulin pump site set…


Flu Shots Suck

Diabetes Advocacy, Healthcare By October 7, 2009 Tags: No Comments

I’m not a good PWD, because when I’m told to get a flu shot, I do whatever it takes to skirt the issue. “I already don’t feel well.”“I don’t like needles.”“I think flu shots give you the flu?”“They never help me avoid getting sick.”“Your mom should get a flu shot.”“No one likes flu shots and they smell.”  But a few…



Real Life Diabetes By October 5, 2009 Tags: No Comments

The move was epic, with my mother and her husband (bless their hearts) helping us wrangle in our mess of an apartment in Norwalk and cram a UHaul full of our earthy belongings.  My husband drove the truck up 95 north at the breakneck speed of 48 miles per hour (thank you, UHaul, for giving us a truck without the…


Through My Lens

Real Life Diabetes By November 18, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

In a fit of unmanaged funds and a moment of celebratory freelance gig elation, I bought a new fancy-pants toy. I’ve become known for being the “one with the camera.”  It is important to note that this statement doesn’t mean I’m the one taking nice pictures, or the one who is marketing her photography to art enthusiasts everywhere.  I just…


Grumble Grumble

Blood Sugars By February 27, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

Two am. The alarm goes off.  My response:  Grumble, grumble. My arm snakes out from underneath the warm down comforter.  Siah sneezes beside me, where she has taken up residence on Chris’s pillow.  I grab my kit.  Unzip it.  Fumble with the strip, trying to use the sliver of moonlight as my guide.  Prick finger.  Stick finger in my mouth.  Wait for result.  170 mg/dl.  Okay.   Text Chris – “2:30…


Siah Fits In

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Family By February 22, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

What is die-a-beeeet-es?  What are all these little toys she plays with?  Test strips are fun to chew on.  What is that beeper thing?  I see the delicious wires poking from the top of her sweatpants before bed.  And I love those fun little plastic caps.  I steal them off the dresser and hide them underneath her desk.  Sometimes she mutters, “I…


The Sharon Fruit and Spam

Diet and Food By February 15, 2007 Tags: , , No Comments

I feel generally creepy about eating foods named for people.  Granny Smith apples (Julia, please tell me you’d seen the Eddie Izzard bit about Mrs. Smith not making it big in the apple business until she encouraged her daughter to have a baby…), The Roker, or Eggs Benedict.   But I may have found an exception to the rule. The Sharon fruit. This delicious Sharon…


Best Lurker EVER

Diabetes Online Community, Pumping Insulin By January 17, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

A few random things: First off, the good people of “Overheard in New York” have posted one of my quotes – the one about the girl in Saks who was debating a $710 Prada wallet as a trinket for her friend.  Secondly, there was a pre-rounds interview on Medscape that went up yesterday, and it’s been confirmed that I should re-think things before I…


Miriam E. Tucker – It’s Your Life!

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community By January 3, 2007 Tags: , No Comments

Journalist?  Diabetic?  Potential hot-air balloon enthusiast?  Miriam E. Tucker has been a type 1 diabetic since 1973.  A full-time medical reporter by day, she covers diabetes news for doctors. Her fantastic freelance work has been featured in The Washington Post, The Boston Globe, and Diabetes Forecast magazine.  Miriam agreed to subject herself to a handful of questions.  (Brave girl.) Kerri:  When were you diagnosed with diabetes?  What were the circumstances?…