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Goal Flurry

Healthcare, Mental Health, Psychosocial Support, Real Life Diabetes By January 5, 2018 Tags: , , , , 5 Comments

(Seems appropriate to write about the flurry of resolution and organizational ideas in my head as a frigging blizzard mows through the Northeast.  There’s over 14 inches of snow outside.  The cats remain a combination of unsettled and putting on their cat snow gear to go sledding.) The new year turned while I was dealing with a freak eyeball injury,…


Diabetes Privacy?

Blood Sugars, Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support, Real Life Diabetes By March 22, 2016 Tags: , , , , , 13 Comments

I was thinking about diabetes privacy this morning while I was poking through the archives, and came upon this post from Diabetes Blog Week last year.  (Here’s a full list of the contributions generated by that prompt.) What do you share about your diabetes? And what is on your List of Absolutely NOT Sharing, diabetes-wise?  For me, I don’t share…