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Focus: Diabetes Things I Like.

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support, Real Life Diabetes By March 3, 2014 Tags: , , , , , 17 Comments

(Revisiting and revising a post from several years ago🙂 Even though I do not like the disease, there are some diabetes-related simple pleasures that make me smile: I like the feeling of satisfaction when I change the Dexcom sensor and the pump infusion set at the same time. I like having the tune of “Fur Elise” memorized. I also have…



Real Life Diabetes By September 19, 2013 Tags: , , 1 Comment

I am the zookeeper today.  The keeper of the zoo of chaos.  The same zoo that the cat keeps walking through, like Loopzilla.  With a test strip in her Zoopzilla mouth, no less. Whoops. You might also like: Rewind. Diabetes Art Day: Strip Safely Edition. Ten Things About Things. This is how we do it.


Battle Cat

No Diabetes By November 25, 2009 Tags: , No Comments

When I was a kid, I used to watch He-Man (and the Masters of the Universe!!!) and thought pretty much any superpower could be summoned by standing in front of something big and gray and hollering “I have the POWER!!!”  This assumption also involved having a tough cat friend that would be my strong, clever sidekick.  Like Battle Cat, who was…


The Crinkly Tube

No Diabetes By November 15, 2009 Tags: No Comments

We bought a crinkly tube cat toy to keep the cats occupied during our attempt to train them to stay out of the bedroom (in preparation for BSparl’s arrival).  More on that later, once I figure out how to actually keep them out of the damn room.  Siah has claimed it as hers.  She sits in it for hours, forgetting how…


Kerri the Auctioneer

Diabetes Advocacy By July 18, 2005 Tags: , No Comments

On tap for tonight: I will be working at the 4th Annual JDRF-RI Golf Tournament, which raises money for diabetes research. My tasks tonight include, but are not limited to, working the Silent Auction. Yes, you read correctly. The Silent Auction. I’m not sure if I can be quiet for that long. We’ll see. Either I’ll be able to control myself…