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Feeling Maternal

Infertility and Pregnancy By December 22, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

Between these slowly rotating into the laundry cycle as we get ready for the baby: and the fact that my baby bump has popped overnight:  I’m feeling pretty pregnant these days. That is all.  🙂 (Light posts this week, what with the holidays and the fact that I’m headed to my mom’s to make gingerbread cookies all day today.  Photos…


Living at the Joslin Clinic

Infertility and Pregnancy By December 21, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

Last Friday, Chris and I (and BSparl) were at Joslin all day long.  ALL DAY.  But that’s what’s required with type 1 diabetes and pregnancy, so I wanted to recap these appointment for posterity, and for anyone else who is curious about what it takes to manage this whole party.  It’s a long post, but with five different appointments to cover, I want…


Update on BSparl

Diabetes and Family, Diabetic Mommy, Infertility and Pregnancy By December 1, 2009 Tags: , , , No Comments

It’s been a long, wonderful day at Joslin, and I have a lot to say, but for now, Chris and I are going to decorate our Christmas tree, drink sugar-free hot chocolate with marshmallows, and grin about our daughter, who is due on May 4th. A little baby girl. I love her so much already. I couldn’t feel happier right…


Baby Flutters

Uncategorized By November 24, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

“Is it too early to be feeling the baby moving?”  I asked my pregnant best friend. “What are you, fifteen weeks along?  No, it’s not too early.  Does it feel like fluttering, or butterfly wings?” I remember when the NBF was at my house over the summer, about five months along in her own pregnancy, and she was convinced she had felt…


Unrealistic Expectations

Infertility and Pregnancy By November 18, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

BSparl is getting bigger.  (And so am I.) I spent a lot of time planning this pregnancy, starting from back in 2003 when I decided to go on an insulin pump.  And even though preparation didn’t begin in earnest until Chris and I were married, having a child has always been something I’ve wanted with my whole heart.  So I read up on…


Pregnancy Progress

Infertility and Pregnancy By November 13, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

Tomorrow is World Diabetes Day.  While my best friend’s baby shower is this weekend and I’ll be busy preparing for and helping with that event, I know there are lots of events taking place to celebrate the big, blue circle (including the Big Blue Test … more on that later). But today is just another day in diabetes management, and it happens to…


Diabetes 2.0: It Ended in a Hammock

Diabetes Advocacy, Traveling By November 10, 2009 Tags: , , , No Comments

Over the weekend, I found myself on a plane again.  Yes, another xanax-free trip at 33,000 feet, this time heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Diabetes 2.0 conference, put on by the Diabetes Research Institute. Three quick things:   First, never watch the Disney movie “Up” while on a plane and pregnant.  I found myself sniffling and crying to the opening…


Two Heartbeats on D-Blog Day

Infertility and Pregnancy By November 9, 2009 Tags: , , , No Comments

The first time we saw him (or her), it was at the emergency room back in Connecticut.  We were only seven weeks into the pregnancy and barely had caught our breath from finding out when the bleeding happened and I panicked.  We spent five hours in the emergency room, poked and prodded and with an IV line at the ready,…


Dexcom and Desperation

Dexcom, Infertility and Pregnancy By November 4, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

For a few weeks, I had a tough run with the Dexcom.  Out of the five sensors I’d used in the last three weeks, three of them had gone kaput on me.  And by “kaput,” I mean that I’d put in a new sensor after Las Vegas and it instantly gave me “???” instead of blood sugar results.  I’ve seen the triple question…


Lovenox, Heparin, and WTF

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Family, Infertility and Pregnancy By November 4, 2009 Tags: , , No Comments

During my endocrinologist appointment last week, I brought up that itchy, scratchy Lovenox rash to my OB/GYN, Dr. T.  And she wasn’t comfortable with how my body reacted.   “That rash is from two weeks ago?  How does it feel now?” “Less itchy, that’s for sure.  But it got all hivey and wouldn’t relax, not for about a week.  It itched like…