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Birdy, Oh you. You are into everything.  I can’t childproof this house enough for your fast little fingers.  Screen door?  Let’s try and put our faces through it, okay?  Mulch in the garden?  I know – it tastes delicious!  Dexcom receiver?  Your favorite thing to HIDE!  Toy box?  You want to see what’s at the bottom!  Yay!!!  YAY!!!!! By the…



Diabetic Mommy By January 17, 2011 Tags: , No Comments

Dear Little Bird, First off, who told you that you could start crawling?  I never gave you permission to do such things.  About a week ago, you just up and decided that it was time to get from here to there using your chubby legs to propel you across your bedroom floor.  Your knees are red from shuffling along on the…


Oh Sh …

Diabetic Mommy By January 10, 2011 Tags: No Comments

This looks like trouble to me.  šŸ™‚  Welcome to the world of mobility, birdy.  You might also like: Diabetes Advocacy Postcards. “How do you explain diabetes to her?” Wordless Wednesday: Birdzone in the LHJ Zone.


Dancing on the Beach

Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes and Family By January 3, 2011 Tags: , No Comments

Jeff Hitchcock described theĀ Marco Island conferenceĀ to me as “kids dancing on the beach.”Ā  Because I had only attended theĀ Friends for Life conferences in Orlando, I didn’t really have a sense of what that meant. But after spending a few days in Marco Island, Florida (leaving behind a foot of snow on our back deck, thank you very much), and seeing…