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From Abby: Casually Defective

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It’s not just our pancreases that are busted at times – there are often moments of diabetes techno-burps that leave us scratching our heads.  Abby recently had a “WT …H” moment with her insulin pump.  And she also experimented with word smashing; you’ll see.   *   *   * Since I got home from camp, my lifestyle is much more … umm … sedentary…


From Abby: Dexy Pictures

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Abby‘s been rocking the Dexcom for the last three months, and she’s fully immersed in both the data mining and the photographing of said data mining.  Here’s her “PWD photojournalist” take on Dexcom’ing and documenting.(Also, welcome back, Abby!  We missed you while you were at camp!) *   *   * I’ve had my Dexcom for almost three months now. While most of the…


From Abby: Vacation on Virginia Beach!

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Abby was on vacation last week (and was missed – sorry for throttling your inbox!), and while she was on ‘real vacation,” she also took a pump vacation.  But diabetes wasn’t playing according to plan, and she tells the story of how vacation wasn’t all rainbows and … you-know-whats. *   *   * So I graduated from nursing school, signed a lease…


Guest Post: Nursing and Diabetes

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I’m working on some recaps of the CWD Marco Island conference, but the kiddo has caught a cold and is requiring lots of snuggles and hugs these past few days.  Thankfully, Abby (the Person) has offered to guest post about her experiences managing diabetes (and the gummed compliments of ancient grandmas) while in her third year of nursing school.  Thanks, Abby!!  *  …