Cobra Kai

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I went to CVS last night to pick up my prescriptions:  my birth control and my (sigh … old lady) blood pressure medication.  Maintenance drugs, in addition to my insulin and pump stuff.  Necessary.  One to keep my blood pressure down and the other to … well, to keep my blood pressure down. “It’s Morrone.  M-O.  First name is Kerri. …



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We saw it last night – SiCKO.  And I have to admit – I walked out feeling a bit tangled. Michael Moore gets people talking.  You don’t have to like him and you can call him “un-American.”  You can hate his films.  You can love his films.  The fact of the matter is that his films start discussions, and these discussions are necessary….


All or Nothing.

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Saturday afternoon, I removed the Dexcom sensor. For the record, that Dexcom is worth the design flaws and I was very impressed with the results.  (More on that later.)  But also for the record, pulling out the sensor was extremely painful – that adhesive is intense!  I had to use a damp cloth around the sticky gauzey bits to help alleviate…


Dexcom Warrior: Day Three

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Oodles going on today.  Here’s the rundown: Dexcom:  Dexcom and I had a very nice day yesterday.  My sugars held surprisingly steady (surprising because I tend to ping all over the place) ALL DAY LONG.  I didn’t pop out of range once during the workday.  I’m potentially chalking this up to techno-joy at the moment, though, because my A1c plummeted…


Dexcom Warrior: Day Two

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I climb into bed, pump clipped to my shorts on one side and the Dexcom receiver resting on top of Chris’s pillow.   The air conditioner whirring and sleep coming at me fast, I reach over and check quickly with my meter.   92 mg/dl.  Dexcom tells me I’m 132 mg/dl and indicates that I’m holding steady, so I close my eyes and fall…


Dexcom Warrior

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I have to be completely honest here:  The Dexcom scared the hell out of me. It sat on the kitchen table for a few days and stayed hidden in the FedEx box.  I wasn’t quite ready to look at it and I was even less ready to saddle myself with another medical device.  But a couple of Officially Scary low…


Crumbs Morrone and the Evil VW

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Last night when I left work, my tire looked a little mushy. “Oh come on, Tire.”  Terrible habit, calling the different parts of this ridiculous car by name, but it gives my mind something to do other than hurl insults into the air and see where they land. “You aren’t quite flat, but you look like crap.” The tire shot…


Another Friday Six

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1.  It’s Friday, my fine Faithful Readers.  And if you are plodding through the last work day of the week and you just so happened to be diagnosed with type 1 diabetes after the age of 18, sounds like a survey is a good way to kill some time!  (Whoa, long lead there.)  If you were diagnosed with Type 1…


Fudgy the Whale

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Back a few years ago, when I was working in an arbitration firm, I developed an obsession with Fudgy the Whale.  (Yes, we’re back at Tom Carvel again.)  The job I worked was thankless, forcing my then 23 year old self to receive payment for only 35 hours when I was plugging through more than 40.  Deadlines were strict, the…


Time for Meme

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Oh memes.  Where would I be without your inspiration?  Stolen unabashedly from Nicole. THREE NAMES YOU GO BY: 1. Kerri 2. Six 3. Zippy THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: 1. Eye color, the same as my Nana and my Grammie. 2. My torn up, bitten to the quick, busy little hands. 3. My grin. THREE PHYSICAL THINGS YOU…


Belly Up

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Last night:  In a bit of a fit, I decided to use my abdomen for my infusion set.  Pressing the Quick-Serter against my stomach for the first time in over two years, I had that fleeting thought of “Oh what if this stings???” but it deployed smoothly.  Sitting at my desk and returning some emails, the site on my stomach…