Writer’s Block.

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All these thoughts and I can’t even concentrate long enough to string a sentence together that doesn’t start “I want some more black raspberry ice cream.” I’ve been trying to work on some writing projects for a few hours now and so far I have accomplished the following: Ate some delicious black raspberry ice cream. Thought about how long it…


I held hands with Superman.

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I held hands with Superman. It’s true. He was six years old and missing a front tooth and melted my heart by comparing pumps and trying not to step on any cracks as we walked along the sidewalk towards the Children’s Museum. “Can’t step on the cracks,” I warned, tipping my foot sideways to avoid a fissure. “Got it. I…


Six Things on Friday.

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1. Tomorrow it is supposed to be almost 60 degrees in Boston. Perfect weather for a PreUnion. (Someone called it “The Sucrose Social.” I laughed and begged for rights to reprint their quip.) Starts at High Noon. Meet in the lobby? I have to be at a real estate appointment at 4 o’clock, so I can stay until about 3:40-ish. But I…


Diabetes Terms of Endearment

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The Diabetes Terms of Endearment Dictionary: First Edition Preface These are our terms. Ours, as the bunch of people with diabetes who flop around on the internet and use these terms in our posts, in our frustration, in our lives. Amassed from the comments and emails from some of my favorite bloggers and anonymous lurkers, this is our compilation of…


Chronic Babe

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Chronic Babe has done me the honor of republishing “A Bottle of Juice in the Shower” on her site. Jenni over at Chronic Babe is running the premiere site for women with chronic illness who are looking to live it up. Her site says “If you’re living with a chronic illness and trying to balance healthy living and—whoa—fun, then you’re DEFINITELY in the right place….


First Annual Boston Blogger’s Pre-Union

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The Time: High Noon The Place: Boston Children’s Museum  The First Annual Boston Blogger’s Pre-Union!! (to be followed next year by the Second Annual Blogger’s Reunion) The invitation is extended to everyone who would like to make the drive to Boston and enjoy an afternoon with the bloggers. Meet at noon, stay until you feel like going home. The afternoon is extremely…


Country Mouse.

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I can’t claim to be well traveled. Being a bit of a country mouse myself, I’d never explored New York before. Safely cocooned in Rhode Island, the most city action I’d seen was a plethora of Providence and various explorations into Boston. My scene is more the beach, the calming oceanside town, and drinks with friends at the local Irish…


Rhode Island ADA Announcements

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The following is a press release from the RI Chapter of the American Diabetes Association: Celebrate Oscar Night in Style  at an Award-Winning Fundraiser Oscar Night® America in Providence  to Support the Fight Against Diabetes PROVIDENCE, RI. — Oscar Night® America will be celebrated at a “dress to impress” event on Sunday, March 5 at Rhode Island’s hottest new night…


dLife Update.

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Quick post before the entire New England area gets smacked by a Nor’Easter and blanketed in the forecasted sixteen inches of snow: “Generation D” on dLife has been updated with my new column: “I pump, not iPod.” Now I’m off to the grocery store to get bread and milk so I can make … Bread & Milk Soup, I guess.   You might…


Part Three: Mayhem in Mexico

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There were about 20 of us on this excursion, including Chris and myself. Our guide, Miguel, rode up front and the Other Guy followed the back of the crew in a red Jeep Wrangler. “Stick with me, okay! You keep up, okay,” Miguel’s voice carried back on the wind. But I was just in front of the Jeep, riding as…


Part Two: The ship.

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Palm trees? In January? My Rhode Island self could barely conceptualize the idea.  We rounded the bend after passing Star Island and saw the massive cruise ship docked in the Miami harbor: The Fascination. “Oh my goodness, Chris! That ship is huge! We’re going on that? We’re really going on it? For a whole week??” Kenny, who lives in Miami and is a…


Vacation, All I Ever Wanted…

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Bathing suits: Check. Reef sandals and sunblock: Check and check. Suitcase filled with summer clothes I had to unearth from the storage area and there may be a spider tucked in one of those shirts but I’ll be damned if I’m searching for it: Check and ew. Carry on bag filled with enough diabetes supplies to cause the whole boat…