Kerri Sparling is a highly-rated speaker and has presented the patient perspective to audiences around the world.  Please check out some videos for examples of her work and tone, and feel free to contact her for your upcoming events.

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Some testimonials:

“It is rare to find a speaker who can share their story, one certainly filled with trials and tribulations, in such a way that each and every person in the audience feels connected to and inspired by it. Kerri Sparling is certainly that person. Through her unique use of personal experiences, wit and humor, she provides an entertaining, yet extremely real and down to earth approach, on the life of someone living with diabetes – and how to live life fully and happily. Kerri is an inspiration for us all. I highly recommend her!”

Val Asbury, President, NA LifeScan and Animas

“Kerri is an amazing writer and editor – she has captured the interests of everyone I know who cares about diabetes! We are lucky to work with her at diaTribe – she writes a regular column and gives us frequent input, in addition to stellar editing.”

Kelly L. Close, Diabetes & Obesity Expert, Passionate Social Entrepreneur, Founder Close Concerns, President diaTribe Foundation

“Kerri is one of the most famous and prolific patient bloggers. She is the perfect example how to write sophisticatedly about your fight with a disease while you can deal fairly with your doctor’s reputation. Her blog, Six until me, is highly recommended to read. She’s kind, enthusiastic and hard-working.”

Bertalan Mesko, MD, PhD, The Medical Futurist

“Kerri Sparling has brought her experience, wisdom, and wit to CWD’s Friends for Life conferences for several years, helping adults with type 1 diabetes, as well as parents of kids with type 1, to understand better the challenges and humor of living well with type 1 diabetes (and yes, there can be humor). Speaking on topics such as navigating pregnancy, parenting with type 1, and getting the most out of online and offline support, Kerri brings incredible energy and emotion to every event. She is a highly engaging, sought-after speaker who will long be remembered by everyone she meets.”

Jeff Hitchcock, President of Children with Diabetes, Inc.

“Kerri is a talented writer and a skilled editor. She was always willing to go the extra mile, stay late, work weekends, and do whatever it took to get a project completed. Her social media expertise was an enormous asset to dLife and helped us grow key areas of the business. I am lucky enough to continue to work with her in her new freelance career, and would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a wordsmith who can get the job done under any circumstances.”

Paula Ford Martin, Award-winning writer, editor, and producer

“Kerri is the personification of creativity and energy. In the years we worked together, I found Kerri to have the ability to see the big picture and yet be able to negotiate the details to make that picture a reality. She is tenacious and determined, but personable and the life of our team. She brought a wealth of skills from design to writing. She also managed a team of writers and bloggers, demonstrating her ability to lead a group in one common mission.

Kerri is a team player who knows how to operate solo and still get the job done. She was never afraid to ask for help or admit when she didn’t know something. I professionally valued her input in the many facets of the business of editing and writing as well as her experience beyond the core focus of our business, which is diabetes. I also valued her input personally in the development of my own business.

There are people you meet for a moment. Kerri is one you want to hold on to for life.”

Monica Dennis, Managing Editor at dLife, Freelance Writer & Editor

“Kerri presented a day in the life of a patient with diabetes to the medical staff of Essentia Health. Her compelling personal story, engaging delivery, and true to life representation of the challenges of the daily management of chronic diseases created a high value educational experience. Her message was appropriate for staff ranging from nursing to administration to medical staff. Kerri’s presentation is a must-hear for organizations committed to understanding the daily challenges of the patients that they treat.”

Matthew Farrell, Clinic Manager – Nephrology, Endocrinology, and Diabetes at Essentia Health

“Kerri is perhaps the most engaging speaker I’ve ever worked with. She grabs an audience through eloquent storytelling and by personalizing what is for many, an abstract concern. And, if your goal is to motivate people who are affected by a chronic illness to take control of their situation, then I can’t think of anyone who can deliver a bigger impact.”

Marc R. Benson, Assistant General Counsel at Johnson & Johnson

“We were privileged to have Kerri as our keynote speaker as well as a breakout session speaker at our JDRF South Region T1D Symposium. We had overwhelmingly positive feedback from her breakout session attendees who enjoyed hearing Kerri tackle some difficult topics in a way that was real, honest, and encouraging. As our keynote speaker, Kerri was able to engage our diverse audience beautifully. During her keynote address, everyone in the room was hanging on her every word – from children, to adults with T1D, from parents and grand parents to parents-to-be – her experiences were relatable and accessible to everyone. What a special talent to be able to help people laugh at the irony of daily life with T1D while also causing people to swell with hope for their futures! Kerri is that good. She was rewarding to work with and helped to make our T1D Symposium a huge success!”

Mary Lyn A. Schuh, Executive Director, JDRF Middle Tennessee

“We were so fortunate to have Kerri speak at our second annual Type1Now Conference in Austin. She was captivating, genuine, hilarious, and a true inspiration as she gave her keynote address remarks. Kerri made herself available throughout the day to speak with adults living with T1D, parents of children with T1D, and other caregivers. She just has a way of relating so well with her audience and provide a real perspective on living life to the fullest with T1D. She is also a great reminder that having a sense of humor makes the path through life’s challenges a tad bit easier.”

Amy Hyman, Development Manager, JDRF Austin

“Kerri is one of the most humble, REAL, and humorous people I’ve met. She brings such insight into the life of someone living with type 1 diabetes (T1D). She provides so many different perspectives as an individual with T1D. Because Kerri was diagnosed as a child and has lived through several life stages with diabetes, she is able to share relatable situations that allows her to connect with her audience in such a positive and effective way. She makes one feel that they are not alone in the endeavor of managing T1D. Whether embarrassing, ugly, funny, heartbreaking, empowering, character building, or otherwise, Kerri is right there with you and makes you feel that you can do it. The JDRF Nevada Chapter was so fortunate to have Kerri as a part of our third annual Hope & Health Diabetes Symposium as a Keynote Speaker.”

Marcela Arroyave, Outreach Manager, JDRF Nevada Chapter

“Kerri’s involvement in the 2013 Weekend for Women Conference was instrumental in the overall success of this annual event. She not only provided useful information to our attendees but presented in such a way that all could understand and relate. Kerri’s firsthand knowledge and experience in living with diabetes provides an in-depth look at the daily successes and struggles of living with a chronic disease. Her stories are PERTINENT and REAL. When Kerri speaks, look around the room: you will see many nodding and shaking their heads, likely thinking: how did she know that’s EXACTLY what happens to me?”

Anna Norton, DiabetesSisters

“Kerri is a leader in the empowered-patient community and one of my favorite go-to people in healthcare. She has always been very helpful in sharing her perspectives (as a person with diabetes) and connecting me with others in the community. Kerri is witty, warm, a straight shooter, and engagingly transparent, both in writing and in person. Highly recommended.”

Steve Woodruff, Impactiviti LLC