“Balancing diabetes” sounds like an impossible feat, but it’s one that I, and thousands of others, attempt to do every day as we live with this disease.  This book is for us, as a community of like-pancreased people.  Many people I love and respect shared their perspectives, and I’m proud to share their thoughts with you.

Balancing Diabetes, by Kerri Sparling

“When a person receives a diagnosis of diabetes, he or she starts a process of adjusting and making sense of the new normal living with a chronic disease. A large part of that adjustment is figuring out how to balance diabetes with all the intricacies of a life outside of diabetes care. In Balancing Diabetes, diabetes online community blogger Kerri Sparling compiles strategies used by people with diabetes and their caregivers to bring that elusive balance into their lives. Whether adult or child, type 1 or type 2, spouse or caregiver, male or female, people in the diabetes world will find themselves in this book and be inspired by the commonality of that continuing search for balance.”

Balancing Diabetes:  Conversations about finding happiness and living well is available now!  You can order through Amazon or Barnes and Noble, as well as downloading a digital copy to your e-reader, or you can order directly through me through Square.

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