Here are some articles and publications I’ve contributed to over the years, ranging from diabetes publications to academic journals.  I’m very proud of the places where I’ve had the opportunity to raise my voice.  But this list is still a work-in-progress … much like diabetes.

So grab a mug of coffee, check out these links, and please check back frequently for updates!

Thanks for reading!

How To Stop Over-Eating and Over-Treating Low Blood Sugars – A Sweet Life (Mar 2018)

Valentine’s Day Gift Guide for People with Diabetes – A Sweet Life (Feb 2018)

Love in the Time of Diabetes – A Sweet Life (Feb 2018)

What to do With Diabetes and the Flu –  A Sweet Life (Feb 2018)

Explaining Diabetes to a Child – Rite Aid (Jan 2018)

Easy Ways to Hide an Insulin Pump – Rite Aid (Jan 2018)

Freestyle Libre or CGM:  Which One is Right for You? – A Sweet Life (Jan 2018)

8 Things I Wish I Knew When I Was First Diagnosed With Diabetes – Rite Aid (Dec 2017)

The Importance of Diabetes Support Groups – Rite Aid (Sept 2017)

Information Overload (and Fainting Goats) – The PLAID Journal (2016)

Travel Easily with Tips from Kerri Sparling – Tandem Diabetes (Jun 2016)

Dialog with the Devil – The PLAID Journal (2015)

Not a Doctor – Animas (Nov 2015)

Language Arts – Animas (Nov 2015)

Back to School – Animas (Sept 2015)

No Hiding It – Animas (Sept 2015)

Running the Gamut of Diabetes – Animas (Jul 2015)

Food Frustrations – Animas (Jul 2015)

Kerri Sparling Explains Importance of Community Support for Diabetes Patients – AJMC (Jul 2015)

Pommel Horse Blues – Animas (Jul 2015)

Patient Engagement: All Grown Up—Patient Engagement Comes of Age – Medical Marketing & Media (Jun 2015)

In a Pickle – Animas (Jun 2015)

The Emerging Diabetes Online Community – Current Diabetes Reviews (March 2015)

Dialog with the Devil – PLAID Journal (Spring 2015)

Patients Rule, Doctors Drool, For an Evening (Dec 2014)

Social Media: A Review and Tutorial of Applications in Medicine and Health Care – Journal of Medical Internet Research (Nov 2014)

Modelling Patient Behaviour to Improve  Self-Management in Diabetes – Pharmaphorum (Fall 2014)

Balancing Diabetes: A Conversation with Kerri Sparling – A Sweet Life (Apr 2014)

Sticking It to Diabetes – A Sweet Life (Nov 2013)

Proof Positive of the Power of Patient Communities – Pharmaphorum (Nov 2013)

‘Cranky Pancreas’ Tweets: How the Diabetes Community Uses Social Media – The Atlantic (Oct 2013)

Sky’s the Limit: Role Models with Type 1 Diabetes – Disney’s T1 Everyday Magic (Sept 2013)

The Greatest Awards Show in Diabetes – Insulindependence (Aug 2013)

Learning a Lesson From Patient Advocates – PM360 (May 2013)

Diabetes Blogger Kerri Sparling From ‘Six Until Me’ – Livin’ La Vida Low Carb (Feb 2013)

Patient-centered medical home: how it affects psychosocial outcomes for diabetes – Current Diabetes Report (Dec 2012)

Headliner: A type 1 blogger creates community – Medical Marketing & Media (Nov 2012)

Making Digital Work for Pharma – Pharma Times (Jun 2012)

Patient Perspectives:  Kerri Morrone Sparling – Pharmaphorum (June 2012)

Profile: Living with Type 1 Diabetes – US News and World Report (Aug 2007)

Interview with a Diabetic – dLife (Apr 2006)

Bad Signs of Good Habits – dLife (Mar 2006)

iPump, Not iPod: Traveling Safely with Diabetes – dLife (Feb 2006)

Running on Empty – dLife (Jan 2006)

SixUntilMe’s Kerri Sparling: What I Wish I Had Known as a Child Newly Diagnosed With Type 1 – Disney’s T1 Everyday Magic

People in the Know: What’s It Like Having Type 1 Diabetes? – Disney’s T1 Everyday Magic

Thinking About Starting a Diabetes Blog? – Disney’s T1 Everyday Magic

Motivating Kids with Hope Instead of Fear – Disney’s T1 Everyday Magic