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Man, I hope this cat is okay. Siah Sausage is the best. The cat is being tested for diabetes. There goes my whole "it's not contagious!" assertion. 😉 A photo posted by Kerri Sparling (@sixuntilme) on Jan 23, 2015 at 8:04am PST You might also like: Six Thoughts. The Other Two Behave Themselves. Bulk Solutions. That Big, Effing Frog. #DOCtober


Inside Track: Chris and The Atticus Institute.

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This afternoon’s post is an interview with the screenwriter in my house … because he lives here, too.  With our kid.  And the cats.  He wrote and directed a film called THE ATTICUS INSTITUTE, which is available on-demand and on iTunes today! *   *   * Kerri:  We’ve done this before, but we’re doing it again.  So hi. Chris:  Hi. Kerri: …



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Sometimes the symptoms of my low blood sugars are frustration and anger, which is often misplaced and taken out on the people closest (proximity-wise, and emotionally) to me. I was trying to explain this to Birdy two days ago, as I was treating a low blood sugar that was making me feel every inch angry and disoriented. She nodded solemnly….


Animas Vibe APPROVED in the US!

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Oh YAY!!! [Disclosures first:  I have a sponsorship relationship with Animas and have since early 2010, so everything said here is colored by that bias.  For more information on my disclosures, you can read my disclosure page.] I was really excited to see in my inbox this morning that the Animas Vibe insulin pump has been approved for use in…


Diabetes Month, Diabetes Year.

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Diabetes Awareness Month is almost over, closing out on November 30th.  Throughout the month, I’ve watched some really inspiring efforts take flight to raise awareness for diabetes, including the Project Blue November campaign.  Project Blue November has been a big part of my Facebook feed throughout the month, showcasing photos of advocates and celebrities alike sporting their blue circle pin….



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Yep.  Bullet points.  It’s that kind of post. It’s been several days since I’ve checked in on this blog.  Someone emailed me and asked me if I was still alive. This is to confirm that yes, I am still alive.  🙂 It was an unintentional break from blogging (and all things social media) due to the chaos of selling our…



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Actually, in this case, it was boots. Sometimes I can’t throw this thing into my bra or onto my hip.  I find the inability to be discreet with my hardware frustrating, at times.  Very.  In lieu of throwing it against the wall, I’ll clip it gently, and with purpose, to the top of my boot and pretend that the tubing…


What Does the DOC Mean to You?

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Two weeks ago, the #dsma chat was centered on the how and why of people’s participation in the Diabetes Online Community (DOC), and after chat participants shared what brought them to the web for diabetes information, the last question of the night asked them what the DOC means to them. The answers created a quilt of community and comfort that…