Ah, Maine.

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Where The Boy’s editor lives, therefore where we traipsed off to so they could finish the deliverables for Uzi’s distribution deal. Where “going into town” is to make the five minute drive down towards where the only six shops are located, along with three breakfast restaurants and two shops that sell earrings shaped to look like lobsters. Where “the movie theater” is…


Six Until Me: The Book

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Dear Faithful Readers, It’s Shameless Plug Time again at Six Until Me. Here’s the deal: I’m writing a book. And it’s about diabetes. (I know … try and contain your shock.) Having said that, I am looking to tap the good ol’ O.C. for perspectives. What I’m looking for specifically is this: Diabetics and Parents of Diabetics, how does this disease…


Pink Sweatpants are Horrible.

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Today’s Bullet Point List: * I sit at a desk all day long and find little to no entertainment during the course of my daily duties. The phone rings, emails crop up, and mail floods my inbox, yet my mind remains stagnant. However, my cat finds a penny on the hardwood floor and loses her mind due to the exhilaration….


Team Six Until Me.

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The JDRF Walk for a Cure is September 25th. And Team Six Until Me is making their first showing. This is the page you want to check out to either join our team or make a donation. I have sent out a wildly generic email to people I had addresses for, so if you received an email, forward it out to…


Random Musings Before the Seafood Festival

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This weekend is the famed Charlestown Seafood Festival. I’m going, for the second time this weekend. Oh, and I hate seafood. Go figure. I have a few questions for The Masses: Item 1. According to Violet’s research, birth control pills may increase insulin resistance. Okay. Eight days ago, I started on Altace (2.5 mg) in efforts to lower my blood pressure. Yes, it seems that…


A Bottle of Juice in the Shower

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I ignored the headache at first, thinking maybe I was still acclimating to the new blood pressure medication I started on Saturday. I soaped up my hair and enjoying the way my sunburn ached a little bit under the pressure of the water. A few minutes passed. The headache was still there. I caught myself staring at the shampoo bottle….


Back On the Road.

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Quick post because I’m exhausted. But here’s the abridged version of the last week: 1996 Jetta:The Boy and I have just about recovered from last Thursday’s car accident fiasco. My ’96 Jetta was indeed deemed totaled. And yes, I sat in it one last time and cried a little bit. Because I am way too emotionally involved with inanimate objects….


Goodnight, Jetta.

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The construction site worker. He held out the stop sign so abruptly that the driver of the BMW was forced to slam on his brakes. Two car lengths behind, I hit the brakes as fast as I could but I knew. I couldn’t stop. We saw it coming. “I can’t stop.” The sentence fell from my mouth and settled in my…


Siah. Pronounced Sigh-Ya.

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This is the New Kitten. Her name is Siah and she will be joining me and Abby (the other cat) on Saturday morning. The root of her name means “serenity” in Finnish. Not that I had any clue as to that tidbit when I thought I made up the name … it’s kind of like the Top Five game. I was convinced I…


True to Form.

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I can’t always write about diabetes. Not lately. Sometimes I feel like it’s too much on the forefront. I know the initiating purpose of this blog was to create an open forum for diabetes discussions and I feel that has been achieved. Between my blog and the talented company I find myself in, there are definitive forums for diabetics and…


Top Five.

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One of my favorite games is “Top Five.” Top Five Favorite Movies. Top Five Bands of All Time. Top Five Things I’ve Done to Embarrass Myself. I had the arrogance to think I invented this game, but it turns out that John Cusack did a whole film utilizing this introspective device, namely High Fidelity. Regardless, I already know what would…