Six Short Points on a Pseudo-Friday

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1. I have been in so many listless work meetings today that my head is filled with phrases like “forward thinking,” “marketing analysis,” and “extensive research and application.” These phrases have replaced the fun ones I was thinking earlier, which included “Paas coloring kit,” “lethal Cadbury mini eggs,” and “Thank the lord for fast acting insulin.” 2. “Generation D” has been updated for…


Things I’ve Done to Torture Myself at Work : April 3rd Edition

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Checked the weather in LA. It’s 70 degrees and sunny, just so you know. Overheard a conversation between two managers, which included the following phrases: “flow chart conversions,” “leaning out processes,” and “restructures.” Uh oh. Saw a small pile of what appeared to be Bacon Bits on the countertop of the bathroom. (It turned out to be the shavings of…


Preferring Crayons.

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A Haiku for this Morning at Work. Computer on. The Papers shuffle without sound. I’d rather color. Sometimes I wonder if people from work will stumble upon this blog, read about how much I loathe my job, and then pink slip me, a la Dooce. If that ends up being the case, how awful (read: liberating) would that be? Post re:…


Writer’s Block.

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All these thoughts and I can’t even concentrate long enough to string a sentence together that doesn’t start “I want some more black raspberry ice cream.” I’ve been trying to work on some writing projects for a few hours now and so far I have accomplished the following: Ate some delicious black raspberry ice cream. Thought about how long it…


Diabetes Terms of Endearment

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The Diabetes Terms of Endearment Dictionary: First Edition Preface These are our terms. Ours, as the bunch of people with diabetes who flop around on the internet and use these terms in our posts, in our frustration, in our lives. Amassed from the comments and emails from some of my favorite bloggers and anonymous lurkers, this is our compilation of…


Rhode Island ADA Announcements

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The following is a press release from the RI Chapter of the American Diabetes Association: Celebrate Oscar Night in Style  at an Award-Winning Fundraiser Oscar Night® America in Providence  to Support the Fight Against Diabetes PROVIDENCE, RI. — Oscar Night® America will be celebrated at a “dress to impress” event on Sunday, March 5 at Rhode Island’s hottest new night…


dLife Update.

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Quick post before the entire New England area gets smacked by a Nor’Easter and blanketed in the forecasted sixteen inches of snow: “Generation D” on dLife has been updated with my new column: “I pump, not iPod.” Now I’m off to the grocery store to get bread and milk so I can make … Bread & Milk Soup, I guess.   You might…


The Xanax Experience.

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Tonight is the test run of Kerri’s Xanax Experience. Because I’m so anxious about taking an anti-anxiety pill that I have to test it before the flight. That’s normal. But the questions run rampant in my mind. What will happen to my bloodsugars? Will I fall asleep? Will I be able to function at all after downing this pill? Will…


Today’s Irrational Thought.

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I ate a banana on the way to work this morning. I was afraid to throw the peel out the car window because I was convinced the tractor trailer truck behind me would slip on it and cause an accident. Did I watch too many cartoons as a kid? You might also like: Not What She Thought I Was Doing….


A Bad Year for Goodyear.

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Sometimes the snow falls and I can see each individual snowflake. They tumble from the sky with such grace, as though they are attached to long, silken strings that could be snatched back up at any second by some ethereal seamstress. Sometimes snow gathers in feathery drifts as I watch from my window, sipping a hot mug of Earl Gray…


‘Tis the Season for Blogging.

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The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and new d-blogs are popping up everywhere! Here are just a few of the latest that I’ve snagged from recent comments left here: Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers: Patti, mother of two and wife of a disabled veteran, writes about her daughter’s daily dealings with diabetes. They are currently living in…