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Diabetes Goal Bingo

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Recently, I reconnected with a long-lost local PWD named Ryan.  Last time Ryan and I saw one another, we were talking about diabetes goal-setting and dealing with wicked bouts of burnout.  And this week I received an email from him with a freaking brilliant idea about how to stay motivated towards setting – and reaching –  diabetes-related goals. “I’ve had this…


Hawkey Playah

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I clicked the button on my Dexcom receiver and saw a “212 mg/dl” with two arrows pointed straight on up.  This was the third effortless high in as many hours, and I was convinced my pump site had crapped out. “I am going to run to the bathroom.  I need to switch out my site,” I said to Chris, moving…


A Pump Vacation

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That insulin pump is attached to me pretty much 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  There’s very little down time when it comes to being a “pumper,” and for the most part, I don’t have attachment issues. The tubing, the infusion sets … doesn’t really bother me. Except when I’m attending a dressier event.  Aside from my wedding…


Guest Post: Pump Vacations?

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In the midst of a very brief pump vacation myself (more on that later), Moira McCarthy’s guest post today really resonated for me.  I know if I told my mother (or my husband, for that matter) that I wanted to take a break from pumping, they’d read “burnout” in that admission.  But sometimes deciding to take a break from certain…


Disco Boobs

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Over the holidays, my husband and I had the opportunity to join his agent (who happened to be in town) for dinner.  Grown-up time, sans BSparl.  (I wore tights.  It was a fancier than our average Tuesday night.) So we all sat down to dinner and while everyone was talking, I reached into my purse to do a quick blood…


Cracked Insulin Pump

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A few days ago, I noticed a hairline fracture in my insulin pump, starting right underneath the “Esc” button and stemming down into the insulin reservoir window. And the day after I noticed it, the crack spidered out just a teeny bit more.  It’s weird – I am actually able to look at this crack and think, “Wow, how did that…


Needed More Diabetes Real Estate

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Wearing two diabetes devices has its mental hurdles, but sometimes the physical hurdles are the most irritating.  For the last two weeks, my husband and I have been packing up our old apartment and I’ve been closing out my office at dLife, so there’s been a lot of physical lifting and moving of stuff. Which means there’s been a lot of Dexcom and insulin pump site set…


Policing the Pump

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“I didn’t see this coming at all,” Hennick, of Gloucester, said, adding that he has been preparing to be a police officer for a long time and thought that because his diabetes was manageable, he would get a job. “For them to say I can’t do it, it was heartbreaking.”  (source:  The Boston Globe) I received this article from Faithful…


Best Lurker EVER

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A few random things: First off, the good people of “Overheard in New York” have posted one of my quotes – the one about the girl in Saks who was debating a $710 Prada wallet as a trinket for her friend.  Secondly, there was a pre-rounds interview on Medscape that went up yesterday, and it’s been confirmed that I should re-think things before I…


In My Sock

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Slim fitting pants with no pockets.  A shirt with no practical place to stash anything. Ah, but I’m still wearing it. It’s not tucked into the waistband of my pants.  It’s not lurking in my bra.  It’s not taking up residence in a pocket or clipped to a belt. “Where’s your pump, Kerri?” “In my sock.” I don’t know why I…