Guest Blog: #hcsm and a Prescription for the Health Care Industry

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Today I am very proud to be hosting a guest post from Dana Lewis.  Dana Lewis is an interactive marketing specialist at a non-profit health system serving the Greater Seattle area. However, her tweets and thoughts (ranging from #hcsm to gluten-free cupcakes and elephants for BSparl) are always her own. She has had type 1 diabetes for eight years, celiac disease for two years, and is a fierce…


Flu Shots Suck

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I’m not a good PWD, because when I’m told to get a flu shot, I do whatever it takes to skirt the issue. “I already don’t feel well.”“I don’t like needles.”“I think flu shots give you the flu?”“They never help me avoid getting sick.”“Your mom should get a flu shot.”“No one likes flu shots and they smell.”  But a few…


Grand Rounds

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Grand Rounds. Once upon times, in a land filled with meds,Lived a blogger who slept with a cat on her head.As she dreamt through the night, dreams with colors and sounds,She dreamt of the honor of hosting Grand Rounds.“Emotions in healthcare,” she tossed off the covers.“Where bloggers use blogs to comfort each other.” Her eyes, they sprang open.  “The patient prevails!”And…


Take that, Squirrel!

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Things were starting to look a little fuzzy.  I was having some trouble, seeing blurry bits, and a pounding in my brain that was matched only by the sounds of people’s heels on the industrial flooring here at dLife.   In particular, it was my right eye that was bothering me. The panic was on a slow boil, starting with those little…


The New Doctor

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It took me a while to find a primary care physician out here.  (Mostly because I had previously never left RI and was naively convinced that doctors didn’t practice outside of the borders of my fine, tiny former state.  Oh, and laziness.) I made a few phone calls to area physicians. Ring.  “Hello, you’ve reached the offices of [doctor].  Our offices are closed.  Our…


My Medicine Cabinet

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Insulin. It’s the core of my daily maintenance routine.  The stuff is crucial and I’m completely hooked.  (I would have said “pumped” but the pun would have been too obvious.  Tune in later for more subtle puns.) So when I was first diagnosed, insulin was the crux of my regimen.  Whether it was NPH, Lente, UltraLente, Lantus, Regular or Humalog,…


I’m off to the beach, but…

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The Golf Thing for the JDRF was extremely successful. They raised almost $95,000.00 in one night. I met a number of people whose driving force in their lives was to find a cure for diabetes in efforts to ease the pain of their diabetic child. I felt a little strange not working for someone else, but instead for Me. “Hi,…


I Will Not Jinx Myself This Time.

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I’m off to The Joslin Diabetes Center tomorrow for my checkup appointment with The Crew. My crew consists of the endocrinologist, the exercise physiologist, the dietician, the sadists in the bloodwork lab, and the teaching nurse. I take the day off from work because it’s a decent ride to Boston from my house and I tend to get a little…