Diabetes Memories

Diaries of a Diabetic Girl.

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The last time I cracked the binding on these journals was back in 2009, when I was cleaning out the apartment I was living in at the time.  I happened upon them again last night, while searching for something in the attic.  (I never found what I was looking for up there, but I did come down with a bunch…


Post Holiday Post

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Christmas spans several days here in Sparlingville, mostly due to big families on both sides and plenty of dinners that take place over the holidays.  Christmas began in earnest on Thursday afternoon and stemmed well into Sunday, coming to a full stop once we got home last night and realized there wasn’t anything left under the tree to disburse or…


Diabetes Torture Devices

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Last week, on Twitter, Elizabeth Arnold posted a link to a photo that made my whole body cringe and I instinctively said, “Oh crap, THAT thing?” (I’m stealing and reposting this photo here, but the original photo credit belongs to Cardinal Health.)   Behold – The Guillotine: This photo made me shudder because I remember this lancing device clearly.  It was the first one…


Reflections on Halloween

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Dressing up was not an issue. I wore my silly costumes proudly and they were always homemade. I was a fairy godmother one year. I was a gypsy for about three years running. Another year I was Bo Peep, complete with sheep. Then one year, I was diabetic. When the central focus of the holiday is eating candy, what’s a…



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They told me I had to go into the hospital for a few weeks.  I wasn’t exactly sure what “diabetes” meant, but I knew it must involve vampires, because people were drawing my blood every few hours. “You can pick any friend you’d like to bring with you to the hospital.  Any one you want.”   My father held my hand as we…


The Promise of Winter

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Winter brought the Move Out. Our things were packed in copy paper boxes that I took from the office. The big black marker labeled the boxes “His” and “Hers” as we filtered our six years together into two separate piles. Memories were trapped inside of shoeboxes. We spilt the set of “ugly dishes” between the two of us. He took his…


In Which I Fake a Low to Get out of the Obstacle Course.

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There has only been one time – ONE TIME – that I used diabetes as an excuse. One time. And I was always so adamant about not letting diabetes ever keep me from doing anything… the irony is thick. It was in seventh grade. The experience haunts me still. Here’s how it went down: The way the gym at my middle school…