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Siah Fits In

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What is die-a-beeeet-es?  What are all these little toys she plays with?  Test strips are fun to chew on.  What is that beeper thing?  I see the delicious wires poking from the top of her sweatpants before bed.  And I love those fun little plastic caps.  I steal them off the dresser and hide them underneath her desk.  Sometimes she mutters, “I…


Bring on St. John!

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“All work and no play makes Kerri … need a vacation.” There’s been a lot of work going on lately.  The constant flurry of activity in my office, the fun of the ol’ blogosphere, and assorted other writing adventures.  While I enjoy everything that I’m involved in, I do find myself altogether way too close to a computer all the time.  I understand HTML…


His First Syringe

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It was strange to see those hands, the ones that hold mine and write screenplays and play guitar, pulling the bright orange cap off of a syringe. “The plunger one first, then the cap,” he murmured to himself, exposing the tiny needle. “Pull back to get some air and then inject it into the bottle, to keep it pressurized.”  I…