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Guest Blog: #hcsm and a Prescription for the Health Care Industry

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Today I am very proud to be hosting a guest post from Dana Lewis.  Dana Lewis is an interactive marketing specialist at a non-profit health system serving the Greater Seattle area. However, her tweets and thoughts (ranging from #hcsm to gluten-free cupcakes and elephants for BSparl) are always her own. She has had type 1 diabetes for eight years, celiac disease for two years, and is a fierce…


Hawkey Playah

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I clicked the button on my Dexcom receiver and saw a “212 mg/dl” with two arrows pointed straight on up.  This was the third effortless high in as many hours, and I was convinced my pump site had crapped out. “I am going to run to the bathroom.  I need to switch out my site,” I said to Chris, moving…


From Abby: Forgetting

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While the snow piles up outside, I’m busy aiming to hit a writing deadline this morning.  So I talked with Abby the other day and it seems like she’s hit a patch of burnout, much like the one I’m going through.  She’s offered to post today about “forgetting,” and how, even though it seems impossible, it’s sometimes too easy to forget about…


Guest Post: Nursing and Diabetes

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I’m working on some recaps of the CWD Marco Island conference, but the kiddo has caught a cold and is requiring lots of snuggles and hugs these past few days.  Thankfully, Abby (the Person) has offered to guest post about her experiences managing diabetes (and the gummed compliments of ancient grandmas) while in her third year of nursing school.  Thanks, Abby!!  *  …


A Piece of Embarrassment Pie

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Over the last few weeks, I have had a few run-ins with the gentlest of diabetes police – people who don’t mean to be second-guessing me or asking me why I’m eating that, but still, they can’t help but ask.  Sometimes their questions are subtle and we end up having a quiet, private discussion about what type 1 diabetes means to my…


Showering the Baby and World Diabetes Day

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This past weekend played host to World Diabetes Day, and there were so many cool diabetes advocacy events that I can barely keep up.  Here’s a run-down of just some of the WDD events that took place across the blogosphere: George and Cherise (oh, excuse me – SugaSheen) made the greatest YouTube video of all time, combining two things I love:  my fellow PWDs and a little…


Diabetes 2.0: It Ended in a Hammock

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Over the weekend, I found myself on a plane again.  Yes, another xanax-free trip at 33,000 feet, this time heading to Fort Lauderdale, FL for the Diabetes 2.0 conference, put on by the Diabetes Research Institute. Three quick things:   First, never watch the Disney movie “Up” while on a plane and pregnant.  I found myself sniffling and crying to the opening…


Lovenox, Heparin, and WTF

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During my endocrinologist appointment last week, I brought up that itchy, scratchy Lovenox rash to my OB/GYN, Dr. T.  And she wasn’t comfortable with how my body reacted.   “That rash is from two weeks ago?  How does it feel now?” “Less itchy, that’s for sure.  But it got all hivey and wouldn’t relax, not for about a week.  It itched like…


H1N1: Fighting for the Vaccine

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Last week, I toddled my pregnant self up to the Joslin Clinic for my endocrinologist appointment and an ultrasound with my OB/Gyn.  And as excited as I was about the ultrasound and the opportunity for Chris and I to see our baby kicking around in there (more on that later), I was just as excited about the H1N1 vaccine. I know.  I…


Making Sense of Diabetes: It’s So Literal, I Love It

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I have a lot to catch up on, but something I wanted to post about ASAP was the Making Sense of Diabetes contest that is happening at TuDiabetes, in preparation to raise awareness of World Diabetes Day (coming up fast on November 14th).   According to the release, “We are seeking video entries that tell about the impact diabetes has on our…


ePatient2009: Voice of the Patient

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“I’m Kerri Morrone Sparling and I’m not the voice of THE patient.  I’m just the voice of A patient.  And I’m sorry I have to present from behind the podium, but the tech guys couldn’t link me up with a lav mic because of the other diabetes devices I’m wearing.  Ran out of room.” And that is how I had to open my ePatient…


Diabetes Linky Bits: What I’ve Been Reading

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Due to some recent traveling, I’ve been falling way behind on my fellow diabetes bloggers.  But there have been some posts in the last few days that I think are must-reads.  So today, while I finish up my visit in Philadelphia at the ePatient 2009 conference, I wanted to share some of my favorite posts from the diabetes blogosphere: Lee Ann at…