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The One About Not Getting It Right On the First Try

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So last night’s basal adjustments were a bit … eh.  Actually, they totally sucked it up. I went to bed at 140 mg/dl, knowing that a low might be lurking due to the basal tweaks, but the Dexcom was flatlined, so I felt reasonably comfortable.  At my 2:30 am check, I was 108 mg/dl, and again saw the flatline on that graph….


Adjusting Overnight Basals

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I do not enjoy basal testing.  Even though I sometimes go six hour clips without having a snack (thanks, Birdy and your busy ways), something about knowing I can’t eat or exercise makes me want to do a 5K while simultaneously chomping down on some soft serve. But when I noticed that I was going to bed at a completely…


Hawkey Playah

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I clicked the button on my Dexcom receiver and saw a “212 mg/dl” with two arrows pointed straight on up.  This was the third effortless high in as many hours, and I was convinced my pump site had crapped out. “I am going to run to the bathroom.  I need to switch out my site,” I said to Chris, moving…


Diabetes Torture Devices

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Last week, on Twitter, Elizabeth Arnold posted a link to a photo that made my whole body cringe and I instinctively said, “Oh crap, THAT thing?” (I’m stealing and reposting this photo here, but the original photo credit belongs to Cardinal Health.)   Behold – The Guillotine: This photo made me shudder because I remember this lancing device clearly.  It was the first one…


Ground Control (Solution) to Major Tom

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(That’s just a cool song and I’m in the mood for a little David Bowie.  Humor me.) I’ve learned a lot in my frequent visits to the Joslin Clinic over the last six months or so, which just goes to show that it doesn’t matter how long you’ve had diabetes – there’s always something new to learn.  As I was preparing…


A Tour of the Contour USB Meter

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Every meter I have used over the last five years or so has been relatively similar – small, compact design, color options for the casing, and good lancing devices.  (Don’t go too far back in my memory bank, or you will find The Harpoon!)  But what I have been struggling with, as an adult with diabetes, is the whole logging thing. …



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Thresholds.  Levels of tolerance.  For an English major like me, numbers take on a more connotative and emotional meaning.  And diabetes numbers play into a whole host of variables. Like when I’m about to get behind the wheel.  I’ve heard people discussing what numbers are “safest” to drive at, and I think that’s a personal preference.  For me, numbers like…


Meter, Meter, Average Eater

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When I’m feeling particularly moody, I check the average on my machine to assess how things are going, diabetes-wise.  Sometimes I’m expecting a nice number and I’m rewarded with an average of 120 mg/dl or similar.  Sometimes I look at the meter screen through my fingers and see an average of 180 mg/dl screaming back at me. But until recently,…


Redemption, Sort Of

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My work phone rings. “Hello, this is Kerri.” “Hi.  This is Allison calling from Drugstore dot com about your order?” Her UpSpeak is already killing me. “Hi, Allison.” “Hi.  I’m calling about your recent order with Drugstore dot com?  I understand there was a problem with your order?” “Yes, actually, there was.  I ordered a glucose meter and instead received a…


The Most Dangerous Game

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Last Friday, I couldn’t believe my eyes. 10:34 am:  358 mg/dl 10:34 and a half am:  259 mg/dl 10:35 am:  189 mg/dl (Fragile readers, cover your ears.) What the fuck?!! Between the highest and lowest results, I’m seeing a difference of 169 points.  To correct down from 358 mg/dl, I need 5.4u of Humalog.  To bring me down from 189 mg/dl,…


Grumble Grumble

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Two am. The alarm goes off.  My response:  Grumble, grumble. My arm snakes out from underneath the warm down comforter.  Siah sneezes beside me, where she has taken up residence on Chris’s pillow.  I grab my kit.  Unzip it.  Fumble with the strip, trying to use the sliver of moonlight as my guide.  Prick finger.  Stick finger in my mouth.  Wait for result.  170 mg/dl.  Okay.   Text Chris – “2:30…