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Pump Things I Wish I Had Known

Pumping Insulin By August 24, 2006 No Comments

That I should learn to sew.   Pockets in every pair of pants, tricky little places sewn into skirts to drop in that little pump. About little kittens and their affinity for the tasty tubing. That the infusion set needle wasn’t this enormous horse needle that would pierce me straight through.  Instead, it’s a small, thin intrusion that pulls out as…


Superfriends, Take Two

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A while back,  The Anonymous Lurker Mom posted an open question in the comment section of SUM.  The online community responded with the compassion, resourcefulness, and honesty we’re known for. There’s now another de-lurker with a question: “Hi, I’m a long-time lurker and new-time pumper. Actually, infant pumper. As in, one week (I’ve been diabetic for 15 years). I have…


The Fabric of our Lives

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With the sand still stuck to my Reefs and the sunshine of the weekend still warm on my face, Six Until Me. proudly present the Patient-Consumer Parade: Volume 6(UntilMe.) Gold Medal Post:  Diabetic Guilt at Beanie Baby It’s relatively common knowledge in the blogosphere that with diabetes comes the tangled web of blood sugar balancing, insulin administration, and maintenance medication.  Not…


What’s on Tap for the Weekend

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I shall brave Route 95 north from Connecticut to Rhode Island during rush hour on a Friday afternoon.  I have packed a snack, dinner, a change of clothes, blanket, pillow, extra insulin, CB radio, flares, astronaut ice cream, pup-tent, and a map of every rest stop between Norwalk and home. Enjoy a nice dinner with my friend Batman and our respective beaus tonight…


Eye of newt … pill of cinnamon …

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Insulin is a given.  Every type one diabetic is addicted to the stuff, either by injection or pumped or inhaled. We don’t make it, so we take it. However, there’s all this buzz about different supplements that can assist in diabetes management.  It’s being talked about in the blogosphere.  It’s the subject of my online chats with fellow bloggers.  And…



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The deal:  Six Until Me. is hosting the Patient-Consumer Parade next Monday, August 21st.  There’s sure to be soft serve ice cream, bears on unicycles, and fancy socks for everyone. The desire:  The theme of PCP6UntilMe. is “The Fabric of our Lives.”  (My apologies to Cotton advertising campaign.)  I’m looking for submissions that weave our daily doses of patient-consumerism into our everyday lives.  The accounts of how we…


A Converted Mouse

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The steady click clack click clack of the train as it rolled along the tracks almost put me to sleep, despite the fact that it was one-thirty in the afternoon.  I rested my head against Chris’ shoulder and watched the Connecticut skyline whiz by as we approached New York. Ah, New York. To be honest, I’ve never understood the pull…



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Thursday morning chaos.  People talking, laughing, drinking coffee, playing music, typing away on their computers.  Phone calls.  Meetings.  Remember to test bloodsugar.  The train whirrs by and people grab their luggage and make their way to their cars.  Yesterday I saw a black limo filled with soccer moms get pulled over and the women escorted into the back of police…


Monday’s Musings

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What’s On My Bad List: Route 95 from RI to CT – Forever clogged with drivers in BMW’s who want to go 75 mph and then stop all of a sudden for no reason Ms. Siah Sausage – She has eaten three of my necklaces over the last two weeks.  Bit the chains right in half, like a wolverine.  Blasted…


Paper Cranes

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Last week, I had a pretty sneaky low pounce on me while I was on the treadmill.  Readings have been steadily improving but aren’t back on track yet.  So I’m erring on the side of caution as much as possible.  This is resulting in many “dead test strips.” My initial meter reading when I started my workout was 170 mg/dl. …