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No No NO

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After an exceedingly busy past few days and the end of November looming close, no time for a decent post today.  There’s no time like NaNo time.  I have almost 35,000 words to wrangle in and five days in which to make it happen. Confidence, sliding. Insanity levels, rising.  🙂   You might also like: No More NaNoWriMo One Size….


Adventures on Black Friday

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Adventures on Black Friday: The vast expanses of coffee in the marketplace at Grand Central.  (They don’t sell cups of coffee, however.  I had to trot out to the Oren’s in the station itself to grab a much-needed cup of java.) There are some very bright people in NYC.  Especially the people who knew that diabetics do love their sugar-free holiday…


I’ve Got the World on a String

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We watched from The Blue Fin, which is located on the corner of 47th and Broadway. The M & M guys watched from a billboard across the street and made me laugh out loud when I saw how intently they were “watching” the balloons go by. Scooby scuttled by, low and lazy due to the rainy, whipping winds. Garfield kept a…


Giving Thanks

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Since I’m short on time to post today, save for these few lines, I’m leaving you with the November edition of Generation D.:  Giving Thanks. And, like last year’s foolishness, I offer up my hand turkey:   You might also like: Giving Tuesday: Diabetes Edition Guest Post: Giving Birth to Violet as a Woman with Type 1 Diabetes (Part 2) Giving…


Pre-Thanksgiving Checklist

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Clean the house, including that spot underneath the couch where Sausage hides all my pump caps and hair ties and the Chaos Hub that is my office. Wash the laundry.  It’s not fair for all of those gym sports bras and random socks to be tangled in the dirty clothes bin like that. Fill up the pump to the absolute…


Site Unseen

Pumping Insulin By November 21, 2006 No Comments

I went home for lunch (my commute is six minutes – have I mentioned that I love my job?) and enjoyed a sandwich and an ice cold glass of milk.  Terrific.  Bolused a few units for the meal.  Put the dishes in the dishwasher away, entertained the cats with a hair tie for a few minutes, and then drove back…


What a Zoo!

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Penguins are interesting little critters.  They waddle all over the place and when they run, they stick their arms out behind them and waddle with vigor.  Very interesting indeed. We saw them at the Central Park Zoo yesterday. We had never been to the Central Park Zoo before, and the juxtaposition of the wildlife set against the skyline of New…


The Procrastination/NaBloPoMo Meme

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(Ripped off from Julia.) Explain what ended your last relationship? Honestly?  I wanted kids, he didn’t. When was the last time you shaved? This morning.  Every day.  I am compulsive about it. What were you doing this morning at 8 a.m.? Sound asleep in my bed, tucked in under the down comforter with Abby at the foot of the bed,…


The Adventures of Ms. S. Sausage

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An annoying critter since I first brought her home, Ms. Siah has notoriously shoved herself into every corner of the house.  When she was a teeny kitten, she hid in the recycling pile: She tried to help us put up shelves when we moved to Norwalk, but the best she could muster was hiding beside the toolbox: (She looks like…


The Meme of Threes

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(Wouldn’t you think there would only be three questions on this one?  Tricky.  So I added the bunnies, to drive home the “three” concept.) Three Things I Do Every Day:  Take a hot shower.  Test my blood sugar.  Grin at somebody. Three Things I Wish I Could Do Every Day:  Hug my niece and nephew.  Achieve steady blood sugar control. …


An Open Letter to my Pancreas

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(With a tip of the hat to Julia and McSweeney’s) Dear Pancreas, I’m not sure what the hell happened to you, but you’ve taken it upon yourself to stop working.  You did have that job for about six years, where you got up early every day and produced my insulin, but apparently that was too much for you.  You were…