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CWD: Catching Up

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes and Emotions, Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support By July 11, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

With early morning “fun runs” (note: fun never equals run, as far as I’m concerned), non-stop Friends for Life sessions, business meetings, excessive drinking of both the Diet Coke and perhaps a shot of Patron or two (don’t judge – humans attend Friends for Life, too, you know), and a severe lack of WiFi in the Coronado Springs Resort down…


From Abby: Through the PWD and HCP Lens

Healthcare By July 5, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

Today starts the Children With Diabetes “Friends for Life” conference down in Orlando, Florida.  (Or for me, anyway.  Apparently, some of those families have been there for days, enjoying the sunshine and theme parks.  I cannot wait to join them!!)  While I spend the day traveling, Abby has some further insight on the TCOYD conference last month in Albany, NY.  Her…


New Animas Vlog: Welcome to My Garden Party

Diabetes Videos By July 1, 2011 Tags: , No Comments

Normally, I have reasonable control of my nouns.  I know the words for things, but for some reason, this video had me completely tongue-tied.  I tried to talk about how moments of exercise have been sneaking into my daily routine, almost by accident, but ended up talking about the “secret weapons” of my garden.  I apologize for not knowing the…


Medtronic: You Need to Call These People

Diabetes and Family, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Pumping Insulin By June 29, 2011 Tags: , No Comments

After Abby wrote about her diabetes-themed tattoo, there were a lot of comments from people either yaying or naying the idea of a tattoo.  I received a few emails with some photos, but the BEST photo I’ve seen so far is from a mom in Quebec, Canada.  Camille is the mom of a kid with diabetes, and she and her husband…


Eye Love San Diego

Diabetes Complications, Diabetic Mommy By June 28, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

Back at the beginning of May, the Bird took a swipe at my left eyeball with her little birdie talon, ripping off a nice, solid chunk of my cornea and leaving me in some serious pain.  It was a rough couple of days, especially because Chris was away for the week on business, but my family and friends pitched in to help…


Roche Summit 2011: SUM Thoughts

Diabetes Advocacy, Diabetes Community, Diabetes Online Community, Psychosocial Support, Real Life Diabetes, Relationships By June 27, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

What should have been a fun business trip ended up being a big ol’ mess.  Here’s my attempted recap: On Wednesday, I flew out to San Diego for the Roche Social Media Summit and then the ADA Scientific Sessions Conference.  On Thursday, I attended the first day of the Roche Summit.  On Friday, my cornea tore again (almost as fiercely…


The One About Not Getting It Right On the First Try

Blood Sugars By June 22, 2011 Tags: , , No Comments

So last night’s basal adjustments were a bit … eh.  Actually, they totally sucked it up. I went to bed at 140 mg/dl, knowing that a low might be lurking due to the basal tweaks, but the Dexcom was flatlined, so I felt reasonably comfortable.  At my 2:30 am check, I was 108 mg/dl, and again saw the flatline on that graph….


Adjusting Overnight Basals

Blood Sugars, Pumping Insulin By June 21, 2011 Tags: , , , No Comments

I do not enjoy basal testing.  Even though I sometimes go six hour clips without having a snack (thanks, Birdy and your busy ways), something about knowing I can’t eat or exercise makes me want to do a 5K while simultaneously chomping down on some soft serve. But when I noticed that I was going to bed at a completely…