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Five Random Facts.

No Diabetes By December 26, 2005 No Comments

Julia has tagged me. And while I’m pretty sure I was on Goo, Goo-oool, Goal, or whatever you called your Safety Zone when you played tag as a kid, I’m here to offer up Five Random Facts About Six Until Me. Random Fact One: I am painfully OCD about CDs and DVDs. CDs are arranged by genre, then by artist within the…


My First Martini(s).

Real Life Diabetes By December 18, 2005 No Comments

There was no way I could play it femme fatale aloof. I could barely keep the smile off my face. It was like a first date. We held hands as he ordered our wine and the room churned and spun with a mass of people but I couldn’t focus on any face but his, though we shared a bed every…


Today’s Irrational Thought.

Uncategorized By December 13, 2005 No Comments

I ate a banana on the way to work this morning. I was afraid to throw the peel out the car window because I was convinced the tractor trailer truck behind me would slip on it and cause an accident. Did I watch too many cartoons as a kid? You might also like: Not What She Thought I Was Doing….


A Bad Year for Goodyear.

Uncategorized By December 11, 2005 No Comments

Sometimes the snow falls and I can see each individual snowflake. They tumble from the sky with such grace, as though they are attached to long, silken strings that could be snatched back up at any second by some ethereal seamstress. Sometimes snow gathers in feathery drifts as I watch from my window, sipping a hot mug of Earl Gray…


‘Tis the Season for Blogging.

Uncategorized By December 8, 2005 No Comments

The stockings were hung by the chimney with care, and new d-blogs are popping up everywhere! Here are just a few of the latest that I’ve snagged from recent comments left here: Butterfly Kisses & Bedtime Prayers: Patti, mother of two and wife of a disabled veteran, writes about her daughter’s daily dealings with diabetes. They are currently living in…


My apologies to Mr. Poe.

Diabetes Poetry By December 7, 2005 No Comments

Once upon this Christmas season, as I pondered, within reason Through my numbers, stolen from the memory my One Touch Ultra stored. While I noticed, nearly sleeping, all the records I was keeping Showed a low that I saw, peeping, “Study me!” It did implore. “I know you,” I muttered, “Tricky low from nights before.” Lessons learned in spades, once…


Ah, Maine.

Uncategorized By December 4, 2005 No Comments

Where The Boy’s editor lives, therefore where we traipsed off to so they could finish the deliverables for Uzi’s distribution deal. Where “going into town” is to make the five minute drive down towards where the only six shops are located, along with three breakfast restaurants and two shops that sell earrings shaped to look like lobsters. Where “the movie theater” is…


52 mg/dl and Ketones.

Diabetes and Emotions By October 27, 2005 No Comments

I read Teks’ post tonight and felt very overwhelmed. Maybe that’s the theme of the O.C. of late. It’s been a difficult 24 hours out here in Rhode Island, medically speaking. I’ve been sporting moderate ketones for the better part of a day now. Changed the infusion set twice. Injected via syringe once. Haven’t eaten much due to fear of high bloodsugars….


Six Until Me: The Book

Uncategorized By October 24, 2005 No Comments

Dear Faithful Readers, It’s Shameless Plug Time again at Six Until Me. Here’s the deal: I’m writing a book. And it’s about diabetes. (I know … try and contain your shock.) Having said that, I am looking to tap the good ol’ O.C. for perspectives. What I’m looking for specifically is this: Diabetics and Parents of Diabetics, how does this disease…


Good Luck, Lady.

Blood Sugars, Real Life Diabetes By October 19, 2005 No Comments

I went to my dentist appointment. “Aaaaaaaaahhhhh,” I opened my mouth like a baby bird every time the hygienist came near me. I couldn’t answer any of her questions because my toes were curling with fear. Those metal instruments scraping against my sensitive teeth and poking mercilessly at my gums. “Aaaaaaahhhhh!” as I caught my reflection in the mirror as…