Rage bolus, ya'll

Back in October of 2005, I wrote about “rage bolusing” for the first time. It was a post on my Blogspot blog (that has since been taken down) but exists as a wonkily-formatted archive here. The term, for better or for worse, has permeated the DOC and is now part of the diabetes jargon.

And honestly, it makes me feel proud to have coined a term that is used by PWD, clinicians, and caregivers alike. (But it’s not cool to actually rage bolus; it always leads to nasty lows. PSA.)

Several years ago, I wrote a poem called “Rage Bolus,” and then registered the domain … like a weirdo. Since, I’ve written several dozen diabetes-centric poems, and over the course of this frigging pandemic, I’ve compiled that poetry into Rage Bolus & Other Poems. It was fun. And felt good. And made me fall in love with our community all over again.

Or, in other words:

Here’s the book.
It was a blast.
Cheers to our
Weird pancreas.

Big thanks to Korey Hood, PhD for writing the foreword, to Sasha Squibb for her amazing cover design skills, and to my DOC family for helping me see this thing through.  Currently, the book is available on Amazon, and signed copies will be available starting February through Square.

Please visit RageBolus.com to order your copy, and thank you so much for your support over the years. (And if you have the resources to purchase a book, please consider making a donation to your local food bank, as well. You can find the one closest to you on FeedingAmerica.org.)

Love to you all!!

From the author of Balancing Diabetes and the creator of SixUntilMe.com comes Rage Bolus & Other Poems, a poetry compilation filled with levity, introspection, and honest insight about life with diabetes. (Some of it rhymes. Some of it doesn’t … “pancreas” doesn’t rhyme with much.)