The words we casually use as people with diabetes continue to make me giggle. Like when I was a kid, my mom would casually tell me to go “shoot up,” (instead of “go take your insulin dose”) … the looks we received in public settings included a lot of arched eyebrows. Or how, during days when I have my insulin pump stuck into my bra, the phrase ‘disco boobs‘ becomes a thing.

Our turns of phrase as a community have been well-documented by many (here’s one of my attempts – the Diabetes Terms of Endearmentback from 2006), but one of my favorite “official medical terms” is hypooglycemic event

The medical establishment uses this term to reference an episode of low blood sugar, and the term makes sense. But it sounds like a party to me. A party that no one else is invited to except you, and when you’re at the party, you open the fridge, unhinge your jaw, and dump the contents of the fridge into your face. 

“Come! Everyone! To my hypoglycemic event!”

Evites sent, but only three Nutella sandwiches, a glass of milk, four boxes of raisins, countless glucose tabs, and one well-timed bolus to cover excessive carbs consumed while low shows up.