Last week, we were away for my daughter’s April break, visiting South Carolina for the first time. (Our original plan was to visit Copenhagen but that whole deal was derailed by the grounding of the Max 8 planes … long story made much, much shorter: we ended up in Charleston, SC for the week.) Traveling with the four of us is a sometimes-futile attempt to be concise when it comes to packing, so I made the most of a new little bag that I received from Wherever EuGo.

Whether I’m on the road for two days or ten, I generally bring the same amount of diabetes supplies. (I am an over-preparer.) Prior to using the EuGo bag, I had two separate toiletry bags: one for toothbrush, deodorant, etc. and then another bag for diabetes-related stuff.

The EuGo Sport Black Bundle bag made it possible for me to consolidate my items into one toiletry bag, with enough compartments for infusion sets, CGM sensors, toothpaste, and face lotion aplenty. It’s organized and it stays that way, which is continuity that does not come easily to me. It’s a sharp looking bag, with strong straps and sturdy zippers, lots of pocket options, and a durability that seems to be able to withstand my lack of grace.

And having all my diabetes stuff in one place made it even easier in the event that I’d have to unexpectedly check my carry-on, as I wouldn’t have to dig around in my suitcase to find all my medical must-haves.

Using a well-organized travel bag made it easier to fit diapers for the toddler, bedtime reading, stuff to entertain the kids on the plane, and a can’t-leave-it-behind-ever cuddle blanket amongst the medical necessities. Oh, and underpants. For everyone.

Now some travel photos from Charleston, because it was pretty there.

The Angel Oak – said to be one of the oldest living things in the country
Pineapple Fountain – keeping my son from jumping into this thing was a feat
We took a boat ride out to a small island and saw trees that had been uprooted by the shifting sands of the island, and Birdy found a couple shark teeth (big highlight of the trip for her)
The little guy had fun, too.

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And if you’d prefer not to wait, you can enter the code “sixuntilme” at EuGo and purchase your own bag with a 20% discount!