At the TCOYD conference I attended this past weekend, the question of low treatment came up during a panel. Specifically, “What is your favorite thing to treat a low blood sugar with? Not what you should eat to treat, but what you want to eat.”

My opinion is unpopular, but I’d sell my soul for candy corn.

It’s soft and chewy and granular-y sugar-y and it’s almost always on sale by the bag for like 25¢ after Halloween. I love it. I wish it didn’t contain carbs sometime so I could inhale it. It’s a special treat but man, it makes low blood sugars less horrible because four or five candy corn niblets are enough to make me no longer low. (They key is to only consume four or five of those little suckers.)

Should I use glucose tabs? Yes. Do I use glucose tabs? Yes.

But while I’m gumming down a few glucose tabs, my mind wanders and drifts towards the beautiful conical geometry of delicious candy corn.