It took me years to use an insulin pump. Actual years. I was on multiple daily injections for 17 years before deciding to take the cyborg plunge, and honestly, it’s one of the best decisions I’ve made in terms of making sense of my diabetes.

I use an insulin pump because it keeps me from having blood sugar bumps in the wee hours of the morning (thank you, dawn phenomenon). I’m able to correct mild hyperglycemia with a precise dose of insulin. Unless I forget to reattach my insulin pump after showering (which has only happened to me once in 15+ years of pumping but now that I’ve typed that sentence it will happen to me every day for a year), I always have insulin on me. I really prefer changing an infusion set every three days versus taking 7 or more injections a day.

My decision to use an insulin pump is reinforced every time I take a short pump break. Disconnecting from my devices is nice for the first few hours because of the novelty and my body’s ability to be unadorned for just a bit. But yeah, then that novelty wears off and I’m immediately annoyed with the need to remember to stick an insulin pen in my bag and the piercing of my skin every few hours and the bruising left behind by each injection. After a day or two, I remember why basal rate changes are powerful and why precision dosing of my insulin is effective.

And I’m amazed by the progress I’ve seen in the last 15 years, especially with Basal IQ running on my Tandem pump right now. Looking back at my 24 hour pump graph and seeing the red lines indicating that my basal rate has shut off to help ward off a low blood sugar … man, that is amazing. My low blood sugars have lessened in severity and frequency as a result of a machine doing the “thinking” for me.

I’m able to pump because my insurance company and my job make access to this technology easier. I pump because it makes my diabetes more convenient. I wear this pump because it helps me keep my blood sugars in a range that makes me feel pretty good.

I pump because I don’t make any of my own damn insulin and wearing this little device helps turn down the back burner of diabetes busy-brain. And that is a big win in my daily scuffle with this disease.