It’s been a day. It’s been a week, honestly, because the Pukes have been making their way through my kids, and it’s been a no-school, workus interruptus sort of adventure with lots of hand washing and flat ginger ale and Pedialyte. My washing machine has earned a gold star this week for un-yucking the very yucky linens. No one has slept well. Even the cat looks a little drawn.*

I was scheduled to attend a meeting in Chicago today and tomorrow but the rampant germfest made home a necessary choice. And being home and in the thick of the sick made me realize how I continuously have a back burner of over-planning going on at all times.

Like the prescription for zofran in my medicine cabinet that my primary care doctor wrote for me as a proactive measure against DKA, were the vomiting cycle to hit my body. And the cake gel and glucagon in my bedside table, were a hypo to hit during a nauseas moment. And the pedialyte for kids and adults alike to drink in case of dehydration concerns. And more sugar-free Jell-O than you can shake a stick at (although unsure why you’d be threatening Jell-O).

We take illnesses very seriously in this house.

This post has no real point other than real people sick is messy and I am so sorry my kiddos have had to deal with this yicky sickness this week and I really hope it’s over.

We’re all super tired tonight and hopefully tonight will be less chaotic and also less gross.

Oh, and because of course you saw this coming, this is the cat, a little drawn:

She’s a little drawn. Actually, we draw her all the time.