Diabetes Dance!
Stomp your feet!
Dexcom glance!
Everybody ready
For the Diabetes Dance!

Bow to the pancreas
Furrow your brow
Twirl with the pump if you know how.

Bounce with the blood sugars.
“Fiabetes, duck!!”
Dial in a rage bolus,
Such crap luck!

With a BEEP and a BOOP
And the lancet stabs.
Everybody promenade
Glucose tabs!

Prance with infusion sets
Cure all the mice,
Swing around pump tubing
once or twice

Stand with the advocates
Side with what’s right
Raise your voice powerfully.
Use your might.

With a BEEP and a BOOP
Count your carbs not crabs
Another little promenade
Glucose tabs!

Check with the CGMs
Careful not to swear
Take another spin with the pump you wear.

Turn with tide of your constant data,
All take a bow, and high five to dead betas.

With a BEEP and a BOOP and
a low carb snack,
The dance today is done
but we’ll be back


(huge nod to Sandra Boynton, whose book Barnyard Dance is parodied above)