(On a Tuesday)

Hi there.  How are you?

No, really.  How ARE you?

I’m good.  Thanks for checking in to ask. Keeping it casual here in my digital house because I don’t have the desire for carefully crafted sentences and overly oppressive narrative structure.  Just felt like writing and sharing some links.  It’s kind of like a Friday Six, only on a Tuesday, and with a large cappuccino by my side.  (I’m 2/3 of the way through it. Fingertips are tingling. This is a good coffee buzz.)

To Breed or Not to Breed: the Genetic Risks of Diabetes
This type of article is always going to get a click from me because, as the mother of two and the host of an under-employed pancreas, the risk of my children developing type 1 diabetes is always roaming around in the back of my mind.

You’re Just My Type – 🙂
Laura was featured here a few weeks ago and today, she’s featuring me. Very proud to be part of this global awareness project!

The Most Destructive Diabetes Landmine: Lack of Sleep?
Oh man, sleep. Before having kids, I stayed up late and woke up early without much issue, and my blood sugars didn’t suffer endlessly. (They suffered a little.) But aging, and two kids, and the general course of my life at the moment doesn’t make sleep a priority. After reading Adam’s review of Why We Sleep, I’m tuning in more to my sleep and

Nearly 80% of T1D patients fail to meet ADA treatment targets
This was distressing to read. Not surprising, though. What stuck with me was this quote: “Although use of devices has increased, downloading of device data with retrospective review of the data as part of diabetes self-management has not.” I wear my CGM and my pump as close to 24/7 as possible, but I rarely look past my 7 day Clarity reports. This article made me add “review device reports with vigor” to my list. (Always nice to have the chance to use the phrase “with vigor,” too.)

Episode 2: Evolution of the Diabetes Online Community with Kerri Sparling, Six Until Me
This link is way too self-promotional but I’m including it because I’m so proud of Cherise and the podcast powerhouse she has become. I was honored to be one of her first guests on the new Inspiration Exchange podcast – check out our discussion about how the diabetes community has changed, and how it continues to make a difference.

Living with Type 1 Diabetes When You Can’t Afford Insulin
This is an intense read. Read it.

And that’s six. Thanks for stopping by. And have a good day … yes, for real. Be nice to yourself today. Go play some Zelda or find an alpaca to pet or something else nice.