In honor of Valentine’s Day, I give to you a poem for my weaksauce pancreas, with a nod to Robert Burns (link to his original poem below).  

And Happy Valentine’s Day to all my fellow PWD and PWLPWD (People Who Love People with Diabetes).  Remember that today is a perfect day to Spare a Rose to help make a difference in our global community:

Oh my panc is like big corn cob
That crapped out one September;
Oh my panc is like the laziest
Of my endocrine board members

So fair art thou, pain in the ass
So much work that you don’t do;
Yet I will love thee still, oh panc
Till you go get a clue.

Till you go get a clue, my dear,
And the clue makes you un-forget;
Because you’ll start making some insulin
From deep in your islets.

So fare thee well my weaksauce panc
Oh fare thee well, you clown.
Because I still rise each day, my love,
Diabetes won’t hold me down. *

(*sorry, Robert Burns)