Cute little baby feeties

The title of this post is terrible but I kept it because it rhymed. Don’t judge. Or, if you do judge, judge by way of rhyming couplet.*

So I’ve had diabetes for 32 years. Which is a long ass time. (Long ass … weird visual.) It’s not so long that I’m paranoid, but long enough that I’m becoming aware. Like it’s not unreasonable for me to wonder if my bi-annual eyeball dilations will show wear and tear. And it’s also not unreasonable for me to be talking with my endocrinologist about taking preventative steps towards kidney protection, etc.

One thing I forget to check on the regular, though, are my feet. Unless there’s an issue (like when I had the cracked heels and the black toe of doom), I don’t check them every day.  Or week. Which is completely daft of me, since any issues that would crop up might be the result of not feeling an initial abrasion or cut, making it even more important for me to check my feet regularly.

That’s a long sentence to say that I need to be looking at my feet and making sure they are toe-tally fine. And a few months ago, after the toe thing, I started checking more regularly.

It just takes a few minutes.  I look at my heels and the bottoms of my feet, checking for any cuts or abrasions. I check the nails and the cuticles to make sure they aren’t rotten looking. And I sometimes use a mirror to make sure I’m seeing everything (because I’m no flamingo and trying to look at the bottom of my feet at times sends me tipping to one side).

Complications are only scary when they lurk in the shadows and are treated like our penance for diabetes misbehavior. I do what I can do mitigate complications, but if something concerning is brewing, I want to know early and take steps to make it easier to manage. This includes proactive work, like eating in ways that make my blood sugars mellower and exercising, and it also includes screening for complications. Information is power, and armed (footed?) with it, I fear diabetes less.

*So check your feet, fellow PWD.
Peek at them closely, and regularly.