Celebrating the holidays with that special insulin-deficient someone?  Here are a few trinkets and treats that will bring a little extra joy this holiday season.

  1.  The Myabetic line of bags are perfect for a PWD on the move, and they offer a slate of fashionable, functional, and fabulous options for women, men, and little kids affected by diabetes.  My favorite bag comes with a hefty dose of bias, but I love their Kerri bag – it’s perfect for a mom who needs to find a way to tote a laptop, some diapers and wipes, and glucose tabs, in addition to all the other Stuff.
  2. PWD and health/fitness coach Lauren Bongiorno has created an effective and inspiring resource with her Diabetic Health Journal, aiming to “improve diabetes management physically, mentally, emotionally, and give the support and guidance needed in between the 3-month endocrinologist check up.”  It’s perfect for a PWD looking to get mindful and organized.  (And check back this week, as we’re giving away one of these excellent journals on SixUntilMe!)
  3. I LOVE THIS SHIRT and I cannot lie.  I love puns, and (diabetes puns are the upper echelon of puns), so this shirt scratches all the wordsmithing itches.  Check out the Dia-Be-Tees shop for this alpaca shirt in a bunch of different colors and styles.
  4. StayPut medical patches might be a weird thing to find in your Christmas stocking, but these little patches pack a punch.  They don’t wilt or fall off and they can keep your diabetes devices safely adhered through all of the seasons.
  5. Glucolift!  They are the best of the best when it comes to glucose tabs that get the blood sugar-raising job done without making you feel like you’re eating a stick of sidewalk chalk in the process.  Non-GMO, gluten-free, and delicious enough to eat without issue but not so delicious that you’ll eat them if you aren’t low, Glucolift is the way to go.  (And they’re designed by a fellow PWD, so you know they don’t suck.)
  6. Providence-local Sproutel created Jerry the Bear years ago to help kids with diabetes learn about the condition, and in the last few years, Jerry has been redesigned to be more huggable and even more educational.  If you know a family who could use a cuddly introduction to diabetes (or a snuggly re-education), pick up a Jerry.  Or two.
  7. Looking to dress up your diabetes device a bit?  Pump Peelz to the rescue!  You can cover your pump with snowflakes, or add some designer doughnuts to your glucose meter.  The designs are filled with joy and can add a little boost of hope and happiness to your day-to-day diabetes duties.
  8. I love this little carrying case, because it makes me smile every time I take it out of my bag.  These cute cases, designed and sold by CasualtyGirl, are a great stocking stuffer or Secret Santa gift for your favorite PWD.  The cool-factor alone might be enough to get you checking your BG more often.  😉

Looking for books to gift to your loved one?  Check out this book list for people with diabetes.  And if you have any suggestions to add to this gift list, feel free to leave it in the comments!