It is humbling to look in the butter compartment of my fridge and see insulin.  It’s necessary.  And I’m grateful.

The out of pocket cost is upwards of $380 per bottle without insurance, and making sure our family has insurance coverage is our biggest worry in regular rotation. When job situations look dicey, my first concern is insurance.  When there’s talk of storms that can potentially knock out power, my first concern is keeping my insulin safe.  When I’m traveling, I bring backups of my backups, knowing I couldn’t survive more than a few days without insulin. The time I broke a bottle on my bathroom floor brought me to panic because that tiny bottle is required to ensure my existence.

The cost of living as a person with diabetes?  It’s more than just what’s in your wallet.  It’s about employment, insurance, access, circumstance, support … an ineffective pancreas is one thing, but making sure you survive past diagnosis depends on so many factors; thinking about it makes me dizzy.  But just like with diabetes itself, complacency is not an option.  People die without access to insulin … people right next door to YOU.

We’re all at risk.  We’re all vulnerable.  It’s too real.

The cost keeps me up at night. The cost makes me call my congresspeople.  The cost makes me advocate and share my story.

The price of complacency could be paid with our lives.