My daughter, randomly, asked me what a seizure was. (Turns out someone had talked about it at school as a result of a student with epilepsy.)

We talked about it, and then she asked if diabetes could cause seizures.  She doesn’t ask me complicated questions about the longterm effects of diabetes very often (barring that one time she asked me, when she was about two and a half, “Mom, how many birthdays do you have left?”), but she’s an avid reader and I know she’s heard concerning things here and there.

I was glad she asked, because it meant she was ready to hear answers.  She’s good like that.

We talked about the low blood sugars that she’s seen me have and I said, “Sometimes people with diabetes can have seizures because of low blood sugars, but in 32 years I haven’t ever had one.  Doesn’t mean I won’t ever, but things like the Dexcom and my pump help a lot.  I honestly don’t worry about it.”

She thought about it for a minute. “Yeah.  Don’t worry about that.”

A brief pause, then with her eight year old arms gleefully thrown into the air: “I mean, you could also get hit by a bus, right?!”