Last night looked like this:

And today I feel like this:

Which translates into a low blood sugar that Basal IQ couldn’t fully pull me out of, most likely the result of … I have no idea because I didn’t exercise more than normal, didn’t eat anything that required a shit ton of insulin, wasn’t feeling extra stressed, wasn’t possessed by hypo-demon (that I know of), didn’t grow new pancreas.

At 1.30 am, I ate the box of raisins from my bedside table and waited.  They didn’t work.  Out of bed and down to the kitchen, where a glass of milk and one of my son’s Sesame Street snack bars were consumed (and spilled – milk on the floor and the snack bar crumbled into a pile of crumbs next to the kitchen island … fumbly hypo hands for the win).  It took a good hour for my blood sugar to go above 70 mg/dL.  This morning was a foggy one because of the visit from the HypoFairy and also because of course I over treated by just enough to be at 180 mg/dL upon waking, meaning I had to pee the instant I woke up.

You don’t often think, “Hmmm, people with diabetes might not sleep through the night all the time” unless you are or care about a PWD.  Diabetes requires blood sugar checks and doctor’s appointments but oh man, some of those non-billable hours come in the form of stolen sleep.

… on the up side, people with diabetes function super well on four hours of sleep.  That’s got to be some kind of superpower.