It’s Diabetes Month – have you heard?  There will be a ton of diabetes-related news circulating; you’ll see diabetes in the headlines and on the news.  Diabetes is, dare I say? so fetch this month.

Discussions about diabetes often seem limited, at least in the broader public forum, about blood sugars, weight gain or loss, and diet.  Admittedly, a lot of times I talk about those kinds of things on SixUntilMe.  But for Diabetes Month, I’m turning focus specifically to the diabetes moments that aren’t blood sugar numbers or numeric goals.  I want to look at the things that aren’t considered “billable hours,” like doctor appointments and medical supplies.  There’s a ton of mental and emotional management to diabetes, the stuff you DON’T often see, but it deserves discussion.

Today?  It’s about the stuff stuffed into my purse that’s dragged around with me on a daily basis.  Exhibit A:

These are the standard contents of my purse.  You might not know I have type 1 diabetes by looking at me, but you can definitely tell by peeking into my purse.

Like most adults, I have a wallet and a set of keys, and some lip gloss (it’s fantastic and so early 90s).  But like most adults with diabetes, I’ve got some “just in case” backups in the event of a diabetes-related glitch.  Glucose tabs in case my blood sugar unexpectedly tanks.  An insulin pen if my blood sugar is wicked high, or if my insulin pump has a hang-up.  And hand lotion because diabetes makes my hands extra dry and rotten in the cooler months.

And I don’t carry these things casually; they are nestled into my bag every day because I work to live a healthy, productive life because of/despite diabetes, but in the back of my mind remains the constant, sometimes back burner but other times narrative-dominating question of “What if …”

This is diabetes.