A lot rolling around in my head.  It’s like a ball pit up there.

  • My social media feeds are in EXTREME mode.  (Wishing I meant More Than Words but sadly, I do not.)  It’s either EXTREME politically polarizing stuff or EXTREME panic about environmental concerns or EXTREME stories about horrible things that people have been put through.  I haven’t seen a fluffy cat video in months.
  • And no, I don’t want to put my head in the sand in terms of the chaos swirling around in the world, but I will admit that the chaos does weigh on me, making it harder to want to join a Twitter discussion or a Facebook thread because man, all discussions seem to derail into rage even if they start about a fluffy cat video.
  • I’d love a combination of reliable information on how to combat climate change and how to bolster my preferred political party without having to comb through a lot of unhappiness.  It would also be really nice to see more things that are making my friends happy.  I’m all for urgency and action, and would also like to seeing the joy signal boosted a bit, too.
  • We went to a fall festival thing and the flowers were amazing.  I would love to see more of this in my social feed:

This is some pretty shit, yo.

  • The pumpkins on my front steps caught some kind of blight and melted away. (The local farm stand said it was because the weather was randomly hot and humid for two days, then plunged back into fall temperatures.  Instant pumpkin rot.)  I only noticed after watching a chipmunk dive bomb into the pumpkin and fall straight through it.
  • Fall weather seems like it wants to be part of the program where I live, only it’s more soggy and windy than crisp and sunny.  The cats sit at the window and watch the leaves fall from the trees, then try and vault themselves through the window in order to catch the leaves.  Only that’s not a possibility.  The glass is thick.
  • The cats have headaches now, I think.
  • Right now, as I type this, I’m waiting on some 15 bean soup to get all soupy doopy in the Instant Pot.  It’s vegan, which is in line with the vegetarian angle we’ve been on for a while.  (Recipe here.)
  • Using an Instant Pot makes me feel like a suburban cliche.
  • Hang on, I need to put out my good hand towels.
  • (We don’t have good hand towels.  We have a stash of hand towels that are kind of nice when they are brought home but eventually become cursed with paint and play doh and the permanent markers that my daughter loves so much.)
  • Diabetes is still a thing and I’ve been in a little bit of a funk for the last two weeks.  My husband has been traveling a lot and I’ve been rolling solo with the kiddos, which tends to trend my blood sugars on the higher side.  (I am still – forever – spooked about hypos when I’m alone with the kids.)  Reigning things back in slowly but surely.  Those recap emails from Clarity are very eye-opening.  (“Kerri!  Your time-in-range decreased by 323%!  Get your shit together.”)
  • Want to join a Twitter chat tonight about bringing some love back into healthcare?  Details here. (Full disclosure:  I’m on the board for the Patient Revolution.)
  • I took my son to the dentist this morning.  He’s two and a bit, so sitting and showing some stranger his teeth isn’t high on his list of fun times.  And he was a little nervous, so he kept telling the staff his favorite songs … which are all by Beyonce these days.  So he’s bopping around the dentist’s office saying, “Hey Beyonce!  I like it!”  The only way the hygienist could get him to open his mouth to show off his chompers was to tell him that she was going to make his teeth bright and shiny, “like Beyonce.”  Through a mouthful of toothbrush, he asked, “And Jay-Z?”
  • He’s also terrified of the Roomba, but that’s a blog post for a different day.
  • (The googly eyes that Birdy put on the Roomba don’t help.)
  • In case you didn’t click on the ball pit thing up at the top, here you go:

  • Beans are done!  Bring it on, sassy soup.