It’s not always reasonable things of juice or precisely stacked glucose tabs; if you’re low, you’ll eat whatever it takes.

Like a granola bar you’ve found at the bottom of your purse and is smashed into an almost unrecognizable pulp.

Or the Skittles that somehow ended up in your car and rolled around loose on the floorboards. Yeah, you’d pick them up, dust them off, and eat them in a hot hurry if you’re stuck in traffic and dropping fast.

Or a marshmallow that you’ve left on your bedside table because all your normal low BG supplies were in the car and you were too lazy to go out and get them so instead you stashed a fluffy marshmallow by the lamp?

Or sugar packets from the coffee machine in the hotel room.  If you’re feeling creative, you may stir a few into a cup of water and gulp it down.  If feeling less creative, you’ll open them up, pour them directly into your mouth, and try to swallow the contents using spit.

But the grossest thing I’ve ever eaten to treat a low is this:

A box of gummy boogers.  They came in Birdy’s Halloween haul a few years ago and we never ended up throwing them out.  “Ha ha ha, boogers!”  Back pantry shelf for at least a year.  Until a low blood sugar sent me foraging for glucose sources and low and behold, the gummy boogers were it.

Regret.  But when a hypo comes knocking, you answer with sugar packets and gummy boogers in hand.  Whatever it takes.