Weird skin week continues!  Welcome back.

Sometimes I think that diabetes makes my skin extra weird, extra sensitive, extra … extra.  Like the bit with the Dexcom rash.  I’ve been writing about my skin’s over-sensitivity to whatever is in the Dexcom adhesive for several years.

Here’s a look back at some of the archives:

Since switching over to the Dexcom sensors with what appears to be (but is only confirmed in round-about sorts of ways) an updated adhesive, the rash is a thing of the past.  Since February 2017, I haven’t had any kind of skin response from the Dexcom adhesive itself.

Sure, sometimes I get a little red, slightly bumpy irritation from some of the tapes I use to keep the sensor in place, but some of that seems understandable.  Currently, I use a StayPut Medical overlay for my Dexcom G6 sensors and I slap it on within hours of applying my sensor, so it’s against my skin for ten days.  That means at least ten showers, exposure to the elements at the beach and the neighbor’s pool, and all the other chaos of life.  Usually, when I pull off the tape, my skin is wonky for a few hours but usually resolves itself within a day.

THIS IS PROGRESS because the rash used to plague me on all levels.  It was a source of major itch and skin compromise and discomfort.  Not being able to wear a medical device that was covered by insurance and useful for my disease management simply because my skin hated it was extremely frustrating.  But even though I’m not experiencing serious skin yick from my CGM sensors, there’s always the chance that chaos will resume.

The real test will be this winter, when my skin FREAKS OUT (see gif for visual representation) in the cold weather and every rash response goes into overdrive.