I received these products at no cost to me, shipped out by the Tode PR team.  They wrote to me after reading the post from a few months ago about the split fingertips, and while they did say that a positive review would be great, it wasn’t a condition of receiving the products.  This is an unpaid review of a free product.  That’s my disclosure.  Okay?  Okay. 

“Did you know that the top layer of the skin is often referred to as the horny layer?”

Nope. Didn’t know that. But now I do and can’t stop giggling.

This post is about the Tode moisturizing products.  Both the daily moisturizer and the overnight rehydration cream were sent to me for review purposes, in addition to the natural exfoliating and moisturizing soap.  When I received this package from the PR company, I was in hot pursuit of something to help my cracked heels, and was game to try anything.

The packaging is nice and looks like something you’d find at coffee shop that holds a fancy tea instead of moisturizer, but packaging isn’t a deciding factor for me when it comes to selecting skincare. (See also: I used the lotion that said DIABETICS on it) I want the stuff to work, and for my Disney-heels to be healed.

So I tried this stuff out and have mixed, but mostly good, feedback about it.  The main thing I liked about the cream is that it was thick and made a difference in my heels instantly.  My feet, and hands, looked better after applying the cream.  That’s a huge plus.  The care kit also came with several pairs of gloves and socks to stick on after applying the cream, but I admittedly did not make use of any of those.  (Anytime I’ve worn a pair of gloves to bed, I felt like a penguin.  And took them off while I slept anyway.  And I’ve already mentioned the thing about never wearing socks to bed no, no, no.)  On the whole, the cream works well and delivers on what I was looking for:  smoother, softer skin.

The thing I didn’t like was the smell.  I don’t like cough drops with menthol in them and this cream has a pretty strong menthol-type smell.  Granted, I would put it on at bedtime and then attempt to wear socks for as long as possible so the menthol smell wasn’t so front-and-center, but it managed to lodge itself into my nose here and there, and it was not my favorite.  (The orange soap smells nice, though.)  I prefer things without a scent, or if they are scented, then they smell like Lovespell or something else from college.

But if the point of this stuff is to help heal up my roughed-up skin, it did help with that.  I used this several evenings a week and then used the Gold Bond stuff during the day and on the alternating nights, and my feet overall are way smoother, less dry, and don’t have that scritchy-scratchy of dry, chapped skin anymore.  Sticking with the program of moisturizing helped my skin out quite a bit, and I think these products will be very handy (and footy) in the coming winter months.

You can find out more about the Tode products on their website.