I remember being at Disney World when I was like 10 and seeing some lady’s feet underneath the stall.  Her heels were light gray and cracked and dry looking, and I recall smugly looking at my own kid feet and thinking, “My feet look soft.”

Hahahahahahaha old age has caught up with me in a hot hurry.  My heels looked cracked and rough, not quite Disney level but creeping ever-closer.  So I sought out the assistance of an intense lotion.

Yes, I bought lotion specific for people with diabetes.  Yes, my heel looked weird after spending most of June and July in flip flops.  Yes, I’m aware that it’s one of the rules of diabetes (Diabetes Fight Club?), the whole “wear sensible shoes” thing, but I was once blanketed in the perceived perception of youth.

These days?  I’m looking at a few weird skin things.  The first was that strange and unusual toe that the dermatologist needed to take a peek at.  Another is a recent diagnosis of a pregnancy-related skin condition (more on that tomorrow, because I guess it’s officially “weird skin things” week here on SixUntilMe).  But today, I’m talking about cracked, dry heels.  And I guess that’s a diabetes thing?

For years, I’ve avoided anything that’s marketed specifically for “diabetics” because it all mildly grossed me out.  Glucerna drinks?  Blech.  Fifty50 bars?  Double blech.  Do not want.  But my wonky Disney-esque heels needed some attention, so I bit the bullet and bought this Gold Bond lotion:

“Diabetics’ dry skin relief.”

After looking at the apostrophe for a full minute to make sure it made sense to me (and I’m still not sure it does – it is skin lotion for people with diabetes … erm, diabetics, so this is our dry skin relief?  Hang on … getting my dry erase board so I can diagram that phrase), I sighed a little deeper than I meant to and made my purchase.

At home that night, I took some of the lotion and applied it to my heels.  It didn’t smell like anything at all and was not greasy or gross.  Can’t pretend my skin didn’t immediately look better – a quick win.  I put a fair amount on, stuck on some cotton socks (which took some real effort because I firmly believe that socks should not be worn to bed and also that one foot needs to be out of the blankets while sleeping but not dangling over the edge of the damn bed because that’s when the creatures will grab your toes), and went to sleep.

In the morning, my heels looked a lot better.

I’ve been using this lotion, in addition to another one (that I’ll be writing about in a day or two, just in time for Weird Skin Things week), for several weeks and the change in my skin has really been remarkable.  My skin is smoother, less cracked, and looks pink again.  Hell yes.

No, this is not an ad.  I bought this lotion at my local Target and I paid for it with my own Red Card, damn it.  But it really works well and my heels look like I take care of my feet now instead of resembling the surface of the moon.  I recommend it.

It’s for dia’bétics’s.